How To Make Dew Collector

Players just beginning their adventure through Grounded will likely be overwhelmed by all the giant creepy crawlies that call the backyard home. It can be quite alarming to see giant ants, spiders and flying insects soaring overhead. Because of this, many players focus heavily on arming themselves to the teeth to ensure they can fight any lurking dangers.

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But not only insects make it difficult to survive in the hostile world. Players also need to worry about eating and drinking, as completely depleting the hunger or thirst gauge will actually kill a player after a short period of time. To make matters worse, players will actually get very hungry from drinking dirty water. To counteract this, players must either find fresh water droplets along blades of grass or create a water source to hydrate themselves.


Luckily, items like the Dew Collector can ensure players never run out of fresh water in their bases. How to construct the Dew Collector in Grounded and how exactly it works.

How to make the Dew Collector grounded

Crafting the Dew Collector isn’t too difficult, but it does require the player to get their hands on some materials, making it a little tedious in the early game. Because of this, players must focus on creating a Canteen first and always making sure to collect water from nearby sources to stock up on hydration to research and obtain the necessary components to complete the Dew Collector create.

The first thing players should focus on is crafting a spinning wheel. This is required to craft the silk that players need to craft a dew collector. In order to unlock the Spinning Wheel recipe, players must first find either an Acorn Top or Web Fiber and take them to an analyzer. Acorn spikes are easy to collect and can be grabbed at the base of the solid oak tree. Players will need at least one Pebblet Hammer to break apart the acorns and recover the tops. Once players have the recipe, they can build the Spinning Wheel.

Spinning Wheel Recipe
  • 4 x Red Ant part
  • 4 x tone
  • 4 x raw rope
  • 3 x juice
  • 2 x Acorn Tip

After the Spinning Wheel is crafted, players need to put some weaving fibers into it to craft Silk Rope. Web Fibers can be grabbed by simply hitting cobwebs or defeating Spiderlings. Players must analyze the web fiber to unlock the recipe, which they can then build on the Spinning Wheel. Once they have a Silk Rope, players should take it to an analyzer to unlock the Dew Collector recipe. You can then throw together the materials needed to craft the Dew Collector.

Dew Collector Recipe
  • 8 * Pebbles
  • 6 x Weed Stalks
  • 5 x raw rope
  • 5x silk rope

What does the Dew Collector do?

The Dew Collector can be built and set up to help collect water. Every 5 to 10 minutes, a drop of water will appear on the fabric covering the Dew Collector, which players can either drink or scoop up with a canteen. Each Dew Collector can hold up to 4 drops of water before it is “full”. By combining the Dew Collector with a water tank, players can generate and store large amounts of water to hydrate themselves and fill their canteens. Water collectors can hold up to six drops of water, and players can fill the water from a dew collector into the water container using a canteen. If players build enough of these devices, they shouldn’t have to worry about finding fresh water in the backyard to survive.

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