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  • Earn money with fish sticks
  • Earn money with the golden pickaxe

Farming sims are nothing new, and to stand out in a genre dominated by a handful of massive favorites, a game needs to do something new. Tara Wylde, the protagonist of wyde flowers, is a witch that lets the game explore potions, brooms, and magical cat transformations, as well as the usual activities of planting, harvesting, and raising animals.

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Wylde flowers may twist the formula of traditional farming sim by throwing a dash of Charms into the witch’s brew, but that doesn’t mean money is irrelevant. Finding the best ways to make money quickly and reliably is a big part of the game, as this allows the player to expand their farm into the farming empire it was always meant to be. Here are some things every player should know about how to make money fast.


Earn money with fish sticks

There are different ways to make money wyde flowers, including cooking, mining, looting items in the forest and spending an afternoon fishing. Not all of these options are created equal, however, and some options that are great for the late game don’t reward the player as well early on. If you’re trying to make a quick buck in the early game, cooking fish fingers is one of the best options.

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The recipe for fish fingers is simple: 1 fish of any kind and 1 flour. fish sticks is a starter recipe so it is available immediately so the player can quickly start making money in this farming sim. The meal costs 100 coins and since then flour can be bought for only 15 coins (or with 1 wheat), the player will see a substantial return of 70 coins on their investment. make a ton fish sticks and selling them is easily one of the best ways to make money in the game for players who just want to make a quick buck.

Earn money with the golden pickaxe

Although some players prefer to farm their money, mining is already one of the most lucrative activities in the game. There are a few things the player can do to make money mining even faster. The first step is to use speed boost and Summon little things Spells to make mining more efficient.

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The incorporation of magic is something that sets Wylde flowers apart from other great farming sims, so it’s nice to capitalize on that. Once the spells are cast, go to the mine and start looking for any ores. Repeat trips to the mine are the most profitable. However, you can drain Tara’s energy quickly, so it’s important to bring some food with you to have enough energy to continue mining.

The player can do bars of the ores they collected them and then sold them bars either Natalia or Francis. Natalia will also buy the player’s stone, whereas Francis will buy the player gems. Using this method, the player can earn thousands of coins in a relatively short period of time. Farming simulators often make a false sense of realism, namely Wylde flowers isn’t perfect on that front, it at least shows the connection between hard work and reward. Although mining, manufacturing ingots, and sale bars is a more laborious process than manufacturing Fish sticks, It’s extremely profitable and more interactive, which means the player is likely to have more fun while watching their mountain of coins grow.

Wylde flowers is now available for iOS, PC and Mac.

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