How to Make Money From Other People’s Content For Free

The title of this article could be described as clickbait; however, it is factually correct. I am going to discuss how you can legally make money from other people’s content in this article.

There is no big secret here. The answer is Videovo. Videvo is primarily an animated graphics and stock video site. When you go to their website, you’re greeted by a search bar and a title of free stock footage. For those of you who just wanted a quick answer, just follow the link and enjoy the massive content library.

For those of you who want some tips on how to make money from this content library, the long answer is below.

Why Videovo?

There are several reasons why Videvo is probably the best option for content. The first is the quality level. Many stock sites typically have a free content segment and a premium content segment. In general, the free content is of relatively poor quality and mostly a neglected afterthought. Obviously this makes sense from a business standpoint as they don’t want to give away all their best stuff for free.

Videvo, on the other hand, seems to have approached it differently. The quality of the free content is arguably on par with the premium content. The only difference is that the premium service offers more flexibility as everything is available. There is an abundance of different types of quality content on the site. Surprisingly, there’s even a wide range of green screen footage that you can use to stitch together into clips. This level of attention and care given to the free segment is somewhat unheard of.

Second, all content is available for commercial use. That includes the free content, which means you can download and use footage and motion graphics from the site without worrying about permissions. Copyright of course remains with the original creators; You may only use the content.

The third reason is the site and how it works. The user experience is second to none. You can quickly listen to a wide range of footage and graphics without having to click them or open many tabs. This means you can sort and view a large amount of content quickly, speeding up your workflow. The site is also very clear about what content is free and what is premium content.

Hovering over some content will either show a watermark and the words Premium, or it will clearly say Free on it. Again, there’s no need to open a lot of tabs or waste time fumbling through premium content if you’re not ready to make a purchase just yet.

The only thing you need to be aware of is whether or not attribution of the original creator is required. This is not the case with all free content; However, you will likely come across free footage and graphics that require attribution.


YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. With an audience of around 2.6 billion active users, it is one of the most profitable websites to produce content for. Over the past decade, the quality of content published on the site has improved dramatically.

Instead of family videos and pets, YouTube has become a serious contender for daytime television. The downside is that content creators have had to hone their skills to keep up. And if you’re not quite as talented with a camera, it can end up being a significant hurdle.

This is where Videvo can be of great help. There are many very successful YouTube channels that have grown entirely from stock footage. A great example of this is the YouTube channel. Almost all of the content on this channel is produced either entirely or mostly from stock footage.

As long as you post consistently and promote the channel with some effort, there is a high probability that you will generate income from YouTube.

If you have a good idea and can develop a good script, you may not need to produce your own footage. You can just use Videvo’s gallery of free motion graphics and free video effects.

commercial work

This is an obvious one. If you’re working for a client, adding stock footage or animated graphics to your content will likely improve results. Stock footage is probably not appropriate for working with clients in every situation. For this type of work, the motion graphics and templates available from Videvo are probably more useful.

As mentioned above, almost all content available on Videvo website can also be used for commercial purposes. Some content may require you to credit the creator. However, this is not always the case.

In addition, Videvo also offers a wide range of music and sound effects. In fact, all the tools to create more meaningful content are at your fingertips on this one website.

Content like animated graphics can really help get the message across. They can also help hold the audience’s attention. Engagement is a huge factor in content creation. And if you can produce more engaging content for your clients, chances are your work will be worth more to them.

This is kind of an indirect way to make money, but it can still generate income. It’s a really good idea to use the stock footage and animated graphics to produce impactful content on social media.

Many of the most popular platforms are now leaning towards videos. Instagram has categorically come out and confirmed that it is prioritizing videos from now on. Content such as photos is still supported, but videos are the platform’s goal.

Instagram is unlikely to generate direct revenue for you; However, the benefit of Instagram is the huge audience and potential you have. If you have a business, then social media is probably one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy.

A lot of content on Instagram is not produced with high-quality graphics and footage, and this is where you can stand out from the crowd. If your stories and films have above-average production value, you’re more likely to attract larger audiences, thereby increasing your potential customer base.

Similar to YouTube, consistency is important. The beauty of Videvo, however, is that the library is so plentiful. You can have potentially weeks of content produced in a short amount of time and then just schedule the posts.

Building your audience by producing regular content is a great way to get your business or brand in front of more eyes. A larger audience gives you greater potential to generate revenue.

Final Thoughts

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using free stock footage and content to get the results you want. This is something that has been practiced for a long time and is likely to continue for a long time to come.

For example, if you’re starting out with a YouTube channel, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a massive budget to produce a lot of great content right away. Archival footage and graphics are a great way to create a foundation from which to grow.

Of course, as you grow, it will probably be a good idea to start using the premium content. This is mainly to prevent your content from being outdated or similar to that of others using Videvo’s content.

It’s really remarkable how much content and how many tools you have at your disposal to start any project in the photo and video industry. You can view all of the content available on the Videvo website through this link here.

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