How To Make Money In Two Point Campus

As the name indicates, Two point campus is a management game about giving students the best education. However, running multiple college campuses costs a lot between expanding the campus, hiring staff, and improving facilities. If the campus isn’t making a profit, you can’t improve classes, limiting your progress.

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While it feels like you’re always spending money in Two Point Campus, There’s no reason your campus can’t make a profit every month. After all, a campus full of hundreds of students is a lucrative business. A few simple tricks will keep money flowing while you buy all the cool stuff your students need.


Ways to make money:

The easiest way to make profits is to make as much money as possible. Fortunately, running a campus can provide multiple revenue streams.

training costs – You can charge tuition for each degree in the settings menu. The increase in fees reduces the learning rate and can potentially reduce the number of applicants. When a degree is more successful, you are more likely to raise taxes without dropping out. Tuition is definitely your main source of income and has the potential to make millions every year. Depending on the number of students enrolled, the different courses generate different levels of income and how much you can charge per course. At the end of an academic year, increase courses to increase the number of students enrolled.

XP – At the end of each month you will receive one Monthly income report that breaks down your earnings. In addition to tuition and rent, you’ll also receive cash from an XP bonus. The amount of money you receive from this XP bonus depends on the success rate of your courses. Grades, graduates and dropouts play a role here. Earning XP will probably be your second highest source of income.

Rent – every dorm on your campus generates money every month. Click on the room’s settings to see how much rent this dorm will bring you. A dormitory brings in more rent if it is taller and has more beds. Build a large dormitory and fill it with as many beds as possible while leaving room for decorations to improve the level of the room. A dorm can generate more than $100,000 per year once it reaches a certain level and set of principles.

loan – If you’re really short on cash, you can withdraw a loan of up to $250,000. The larger the loan, the higher the interest rates. Save on loans as a last minute resort when you run out of money.

Goals and Challenges – Occasionally you will be given an optional challenge that you must complete. This usually involves completing simple tasks like “Remove 3 Invaders”. The reward usually includes a few thousand dollars and some kudosh as well.

inspections – From time to time, your campus will be reviewed in multiple categories including hygiene, education, happiness and so on. Passing an inspection earns cash and kudosh.

Year-End Awards – At the end of the year, your campus will hold a ceremony. The ceremony gives awards for some of your accomplishments, like training teachers or cultivating friendships. Each award will reward you with cash.

Research – When a research center reaches level 2, it begins generating research ideas on its own. The hub will only do this when it is idle. The research ideas that the hubs come up with will usually reward you with a few thousand dollars when you complete them.

Events – Some establishments will be able to generate cash Events like the Savory and Sweet Kitchens, Tjosting Grounds and Cheeseball Fields. Set up an event to get started, and if your campus wins the event, you’ll get cash and kudosh. The level and grades of your students affect your chances of winning.

To eat and drink – Installing vending machines and other food and drink services like coffee kiosks is an easy way to make some money. You won’t make big profits using this method, but most vending machines only cost $200 to install. Provide about two vending machines in each building to meet demand and avoid long walks for students. You will only make a few thousand dollars in profit each year as it also costs money to maintain and fill these machines.

bookworms – Bookworms are pesky little insects that you can catch if you’re quick enough. Most of them only award you $10, but you might get lucky and find a rarer breed with more money.

How to Avoid Debt and Generate Profit:

Once you run out of money, your cash bar will start to reach negative amounts and turn red. You can’t buy anything or spend money and if you lose money each month, your account will continue to go negative. So, the best way to avoid this situation is to make sure don’t overspend and that you make a profit every month.

A breakdown of your finances can be found in the Campus Overview section as well as in the monthly income reports. These resources will let you know how much you are spending and earning each month while also letting you know how much profit you are making.

However, The monthly income reports just let you know how much you spend on employee salariesnot other costs such as maintenance or construction costs.

As long as your monthly income reports show gains, your campus will remain stable. Even if you run out of money, you can just wait for the month’s rent and tuition to be paid. If you don’t make a profit and you run out of money, you need to take out a loan.

Your biggest expenses almost always come from employee salaries, so keeping this number to a minimum is important if you want to make profits. Make sure you only hire necessary staff at the start of a level, as excess staff won’t have enough to do when the campus is empty.

Employees with a lower level of qualification demand a lower salary, so hire less qualified staff that you can train later. You can fire staff by clicking on them and you can adjust their salaries in the teacher settings menu.

Avoid debt by spending on essentials when your campus is empty. Use your money on the staff, buildings, and equipment you need until you start making enough profit. After purchasing the facilities required for the courses, your money should be spent on other important spaces, like a dorm that will generate significant amounts of money.

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