How to Make the Best Tableturf Deck

Tabletturf Battles is a new single player addition to the splatoon Franchise. in the turn 3, behind the Grizzco Industries building there is an area where NPCs can be challenged to tabletop battles. The player gets a beginner deck, but the more he progresses through turn 3 content, they will unlock booster packs to create a more personal deck.

Building a stronger deck is important in Tableturf battles, as more and more NPCs are unlocked as the player levels up in Tableturf. These NPCs will steadily increase in difficulty through the rewards such as card sleeves, banners, titles, decorations, emotes, and badges that will be unlocked as more NPCs are surpassed and the player continues to level up.


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Making the Best Tabletturf Deck (General)

To edit a tabletop deck, Go to the main menu and access the Status tab. Go past Equipment, Catalog, and Abilities to the Tabletturf Battle option below. Click on card list. From there, Press Y to edit decks. Up to 16 different decks can be created.

in general, A player wants their deck to be a mix of cards that take up a lot of space and cards that take up little space. It’s best to play the larger cards early when there’s still plenty of room on the board to stretch out. Particularly useful large cards are those that can expand turf to the other player’s side and cards that can prevent the other player from getting into home turf. The smaller cards are for the late game when both sides run out of space. The best of these cards often have a diagonal orientation, allowing them to squeeze through the opposing player’s cards.

Another part of creating the best deck is Find cards that go well together. When editing a deck, players can click the plus button on their Nintendo Switch to test the placement of the cards on the various Tableturf stages. The player can then experiment with different cards and how they fit together. It’s best to have a deck that can fill in as much negative space as possible.

Build different decks for different levels and NPCs

Building the strongest deck is generally a tricky business. Another method to climb the Tableturf ladder is to use perks multiple decks for multiple uses. There are eight different stages on which battles can be played. They are Thunder Point, X Marks the Garden, Square Squared, Lakefront Property, Double Gemini, River Drift, Main Street and Box Seats. With 16 slots for decks, a player can easily personalize eight desks for each tier. For example, the River Drift phase is best for thinner straight line cards and Double Gemini is best for diagonal cards.

There are altogether 18 NPCs also against tableurf. The more difficult opponents may need a tailored deck to trump their strategy. For example, Murch has cards that can fit inside each other perfectly. A player can create a deck specifically to make it harder for them to put their cards together.

turn 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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