How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream

Do you want to know how to make vanilla ice cream? Disney Dreamlight Valley? Traveling the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can visit many places, and in each of them you can find a lot of materials. You can use some materials to build and decorate your home, while other materials can be cooked and eaten. There are over 160 unique and delicious food recipes in the game, and you need to use different food sets for each one. If you want something sweet, you can craft candies, but if you’re willing to put in more time, you can craft vanilla ice cream. And our guide is here to help and tell you how to make vanilla ice cream Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to make vanilla ice cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although vanilla ice cream is a relatively simple dish, it’s not that easy to make. Vanilla Ice Cream is a 4-star dish, meaning you need to use up to four ingredients. To cook a dish with 4-5 ingredients, you need to spend time searching anyway. Things are a bit simpler with Vanilla Ice Cream, however, as it’s very easy to get three of the four ingredients.

To prepare vanilla ice cream in it Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou need to find the following ingredients and put them in a pot:

  • Milk. To get milk you need to unlock and visit Chez Remy. At the restaurant counter you can buy milk for 230 Star Coins.
  • sugar cane. To get this material you need to visit Dazzle Beach and unlock the local Goofy stable. At the Goofy counter you can buy Sugarcane for 29 Star Coins. Alternatively, you can buy Sugarcane Seeds and grow this stuff on your farm.
  • Vanilla. Of all the materials, vanilla is the hardest to come by. To get this material you need to go to the sunlit plateau and look for vanilla in the local clearings. It’s worth noting that this location is available fairly late in the story, and you need to spend 7,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Sunlit Plateau.
  • slush ice cream. As with Milk, you can get Slush Ice at Chez Remy for 150 Star Coins. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to upgrade Chez Remy multiple times to get this stuff on the counter.


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When you have all the ingredients, put them in the pot and click “Start Cooking”. Once you have your food ready, you can eat it for 1,475 Energy or sell Vanilla Ice Cream for 688 Star Coins. Also, you can gift this dish to any character in Disney Dreamlight Valley to increase your friendship level.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in Early Access for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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