How To Measure A Bolt Pattern On A Wheel

Other common bolt patterns are 5×4.75 and 5×5. To measure your bolt pattern, pick the illustration below that represents your wheel stud pattern and measure as described below each illustration.

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In our example with a 5 1/2″ x 6″ wheel, the bolt circle diameter is 6″

How to measure a bolt pattern on a wheel. Bolt pattern the arrangement of the bolt holes on a wheel. To find your bolt pattern, measure the distance as accurately as possible and then find the corresponding bolt pattern in the conversion table below. Some wheels have more than one bolt pattern on the same wheel to accomodate multiple fitments.

For example, a bolt pattern in metric, let's say 5×114.3, is equal to 5×4.5 in inches, because 114.3 divided with 25.4 = 4.5, easy, don't you agree? If there are 7 studs, multiply the measurement by 1.03. Now, with this thing being said, let’s see how to measure bolt pattern on rim properly.

You can estimate the measurement by using a straight line from the backside of one hole to the center of the third bolt hole. Next, you'll measure how many inches apart the bolt holes are. Measuring your atv's bolt pattern:

Measure using the metric side of the ruler, in millimeters. To clear things up a little bit, if you come across a bolt pattern ‘’4 x 100’’, that means that your wheel has 4 holes and that the diameter of the circle is 100mm. In this case the ruler is not across the center of the wheel and you measure from the edge of one to the center of the other.

You need a scale or gauge. When measuring your atv's bolt pattern you will want to check both the front and rear. In the same way we may calculate the following bolt pattern in inches, 5×5, to metric, which will be 5 times 25.4 = 127 (bolt pattern = 5×127).

Measure from the middle of one stud to the outside of the second stud (skipping a stud). For a 4 lug wheel, measure center to center of two holes directly across from each other. Lug pattern / bolt circle / pcd is defined by the number of…

A wheel with 5 lugs won’t have a symmetrical set of bolts. The bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel lugs. For example, if you have a 5 lug wheel and your measurement is 5″ then your bolt pattern is 5 x 5″ (5 x 127mm).

Bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel lugs. So if you see 4 1/2 inches, you have a 5 on 4 1/2 ( also 5×4.5 and 5×114.3) bolt pattern. Some atv models use a different bolt pattern on front and back so you'll want to double check yours before purchasing new wheels.

Multiplied by 25.4 that equals 155.575. This is sometimes called the 'bolt circle' or some such thing. Select 2 bolts that have a 1 bolt spacing on either side.

Now, start at the outer wall of the bolt hole and measure all the way to the center of the other bolt hole. A 4 lug bolt pattern means that the wheel has 4 lug hole spaced evenly on a circle. Luckily, it’s actually really easy to measure a bolt pattern.

Trailer wheel bolt patterns can be defined by the number of bolts or lugs per wheel and the diameter of the circle that the bolts are arranged on. The diagram is an example of the proper method for measuring bolt patterns. In order to find the right wheel for your trailer, you will need to know the bolt pattern.

Because of the multiplication involved, it’s easier to measure 5 or 7 stud bolt patterns in millimeters. You’ve got an accurate measurement of your bolt pattern. Wheel bolt pattern is the measured diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel studs or bolt holes.

How to measure bolt pattern. Measure trailer wheel bolt pattern. Interchangeable wheel / bolt pattern chart for cars, trucks, vans, suvs, motorhomes, rvs, atvs, utvs and trailers

Vernier caliper set on 25.4 mm which equals to 1 inch. Typically this will be 4, 5, 6, or 8. Put those two numbers together, and bam!

Figuring out the right bolt pattern is rather simple, but it is extremely important that the measurements are accurate. Measure the center to center distance between two studs directly across the hub from each other. The accurate measurement is depicted here and can only be measured with a special tool called a bolt pattern gauge or by using a complex geometric equation.

Measure from the center of one lug holes to the. Remember, the diameter of circle may vary. Determining your trailer wheel bolt pattern the first step in determining your wheel bolt pattern is counting how many bolts (or lugs) your wheel has.

A 4 bolt wheel with 100mm between opposite bolt holes would be written as 4/100. It's really very simple to measure your wheels bolt patter with a tape measure or ruler. You can also determine your 5 bolt pattern by measuring the distance between the center of one bolt hole, to the center of the bolt hole next to it.

The diagram above should make it clear. The conversion of inches to mm is 1 inch to 25.4 mm. One other trick is to to use a straight edge block across the back of two of the lugs a and then set the ruler on that and measure up to the center of the bolt like in the picture.

If there are 5 studs, multiply the measurement by 1.05 to get the bolt pattern diameter. These two steps together will give you your bolt hole pattern. To measure the rim bolt pattern on a wheel with 5 bolt holes, hold the tape measure on the edge of a bolt hole and measure across to the center of the 2nd hole.

In a decimal that’s 6.125. The number you see will be the actual measurement of the bolt pattern. First, count the number of bolts on the wheel well, then measure the diameter of a circle that runs through the center of each bolt.

You get a measurement of 6 1/8″. Then, choose 1 of the 2 bolts on the opposite side. Wheel bolt pattern guide the easiest way to estimate the 5 lug bolt pattern, is to measure from the back of a hole to the center of the second hole.

Common bolt patterns have 4, 5, 6, or 8 lug holes, while less common have 3, 7, or 10 lug bolt patterns. How to measure backspacing backspacing is the distance between the back of the rim flange and the mounting pad (where the hub attaches).

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