How to Mirror Your iPhone Screen to Roku

Roku home screen.
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If you want to flip your smaller screen onto a larger one, you can mirror your iPhone to your Roku TV. Instead of simply sending videos, music, or photos to the Roku via AirPlay, mirroring shows your mobile screen.

The steps are the same for iPhone and iPad. So if you’re playing a game on your iPad that you want to view on the Roku, it works the same way.

Requirements for mirroring iPhone to Roku

To mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Roku device, you need to enable AirPlay and screen mirroring on the Roku.

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Enable AirPlay on Roku

From the Roku home screen, select Settings. Go to “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit” and select it.

AirPlay and HomeKit in the Roku settings menu

When Settings appear, select “AirPlay” in the top right to show it as On.

AirPlay and HomeKit settings on Roku

To use AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad to Roku, review the requirements below.

  • Your Roku and your iPhone or iPad should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • You must be running Roku OS 9.4 or later to use AirPlay 2.
  • You must have an AirPlay 2 supported Roku device. You can confirm your device model on the Roku support page.
  • You need an iPhone or iPad that supports AirPlay 2. You can confirm your device model on the Apple support site.

Enable screen mirroring on Roku

From the Roku home screen, select Settings, then System > Screen Mirroring.

Screen mirroring settings on Roku

From the Screen Mirroring settings, choose “Screen Mirroring Mode” and set it to either “Prompt” or “Always Allow” based on your preference.

Screen mirroring mode options on Roku

Mirror iPhone or iPad to Roku

Once you’ve enabled AirPlay, enabled screen mirroring mode, and met the other requirements, it’s time to see your smaller screen on the larger one.

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Open your device’s control center and select the screen mirroring icon. Select your Roku device from the list. If prompted, enter the code from your TV on your mobile device.

You should then see your mobile screen on your Roku TV. In the screenshot below, we mirrored our iPad to the Roku for a while Angry Birds reloaded.

iPad game mirrored to Roku TV

Keep in mind that your device’s screen is shaped differently than your Roku TV. So you see black on both sides and not a filled screen.

While mirroring your screen, you can swipe, tap, and open apps on your mobile device as usual. But you see these actions on both the Roku and the device itself.

iPad mirrored to Roku TV

When you’re done mirroring, you can either press the Home button on your Roku remote, or open Control Center on the iPhone or iPad, select the Screen Mirroring icon, and choose Stop Mirroring.

Mirroring your iPhone or iPad to your Roku TV is a fun way to show others a game you’re playing, perform an action on their own device, or simply use a larger screen.

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