How To Navigate The Bastille’s Fortress In Steelrising

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So you have completed the first part steel cratesis Bastille. Well, the next step in your journey will not be on the streets of the Bastille district; Instead, we head straight for the fortress itself. Well, first to the moat surrounding the fortress, but you get it!

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In many ways, the fort is fairly straightforward. However, the winding corridors contain few discernible features, which can make navigation a hassle if you’re trying to backtrack. Luckily, different sections are labeled and we can help get you where you want to go, even if you want to do be turned over.


The Bastille

Once you take out the unstable Ballista Ram and exit their arena through the underground passage, you’ll jump onto the Place Royale. Activate the Vestal then follow the road (if you take this wooden ramp you’ll end up right back in the Ballista Ram arena). You arrive at a clearing where you immediately fight a Ballista Ram Automaton (It didn’t take long for them to pick him up as a common villain). Now you can explore this area all around and you will find one Essence of a warrior’s mind. Find the missing part of the fence and jump into the moat below.

The Bastille Moat

Hop down and deal with the axe-wielding automaton and the snake-body automaton. There are some upgraded flame grenades at the top and a freeze resistance vial on the main path.

There’s a destructible wall on the right that will take you to another section of the underground area you slithered through after the boss fight with the unstable Ballista Ram. You can grab one Essence of a warrior’s spiritas well as a essence of a revolutionary spirit. Along this linear path you will encounter a lumberjack, a snake-body automaton (they will hide on the ceiling), and once you jump out of the well you will fight a drill and a spider-type automaton.

Eventually, after killing the pair of Drillers and Spiders, you’ll come across a gate to the powder magazine room. uUnfortunately you will have to clear the Bastille Prison area as you have the key you need to go through this gate. Now go back to the ditch. As you exit the tunnel, turn right and in the next section you’ll find a stomp automaton paired with a Lancer. You can shoot sideways when fighting the Stomper and the Lancer won’t have a shot at you (then finish them once you’re done with the stomper).

Grab the oil flasks near the Lancer and continue down the main path to fight a lumberjack and a snake-bodied vending machine (hiding behind the green to your left). Once you’ve eliminated them, go into the small cave where the vending machine was hiding and get those essence of a revolutionary spirit. Continue on the main trail and you will collect your first souvenir and have one of your visions.

Now go to the next area and fight the Lancer and Lumberer Automats. Grab the upgraded Petrification Grenades from the ledge above. The next area will pair a club-wielding machine with a Lancer. Once you’re done with them, you can pick them up essence of the revolutionary spirit. Step back a little and look up; there is a grip point. Grab it and open the treasure chest. here You will receive the Tier 3 Frost Resistance module and a module key.

Now take out the Lancer and Ballista Ram Automats. Once you’ve eliminated them, look for a platform across the path and cling to the scaffolding that wraps around the fort’s outer wall. Blow air from this scaffold into the nearby window. You have officially entered the cells.

the cells

Spend the rest of your trip circling the fortress. get that essence of a revolutionary spirit from the open cell next to the window you just entered through. Now, on your right, a prisoner will ask for help. You can’t help them yet, but you can get them later.

In the next room is a revamped Lancer. Kill them and you will get the key to open the door. However, before you move through the gate, head down the hallway, take the first right and you’ll find yourself in a room with a weakened wall. Break through and you’ll grab one essence of a revolutionary spirit. The room down the hall has some vials of frost resistance and an axe-wielding automaton. Now you can go back and go down the hallway that was previously blocked off.

On the first left is the Governor’s office. This contains a letter and the key to the gunpowder room. Exit this room and a vestal awaits your activation. Keep following the main path and you will fight a Shielded Lancer and a Spider Automaton. Kick down the damaged walls, climb the stairs and you are in the prison guards’ quarters.

At this point, you can head back to the moat and head back to the tunnel that leads directly to the gunpowder room. You should do this before you fight the boss, because at that point you won’t be able to backtrack. However, if you’ve already jumped down there, don’t worry, you can return to this level with your carriage once you’ve completed the stage.

Quarters of the prison guards

Here you fight against a blade-armed machine. Kill it and take the gilded key from its corpse. This will open the treasure chest in the nearby room. Open it to get the Boreas Wheel. Exit this room and turn left; You will now find your next keepsake and have a different vision. Now go up the stairs and you are in L’Arsenal and the workshops.

L’Arsenal and workshops

You begin by fighting a lone spider automaton that appears suspicious. Well, your suspicions are justified, there is two those snake-bodied vending machines waiting to ambush you. Once you eliminate them you can go to the next floor. There is nothing to collect here.

Upper redoubt

You are now on the walkway at the top of the fortress. Here you fight a Ballista Ram. Grab the upgraded HE grenades, then jump off the ramp onto the hanging platform. Jump off the platform over the castle wall. You will fight another souped-up Lancer. There is a treasure chest nearby, open it and get the Lavoisier Catalyst. Jump to another floating platform and then back onto the other end of the bridge. Fight the Lancer and collect the flame grenades. Go down the steps and you are back on the L’Arsenal And Workshops floor.

L’Arsenal and workshops part 2

Here, grab an unfinished note before entering a long hallway lined with cells. As soon as you enter this room, turn left and breach the wooden wall, then the weakened stone wall and grab the Vials of Alchemical Resistance. Open the door on your right, take out the Snake-Bodied Automaton and go down the stairs. You are now in the prison guards’ quarters.

Quarters of prison guards part 2

Here the only thing to do is open the door, fight the Blade-Armed Automat, absorb the essence of a revolutionary spiritand then break through the wall and grab the last souvenir.

The cells part 2

Now go down the stairs and you will find yourself back in the cells. If you jump out of the window here, you can enter the boss arena. However, if you go straight to the end of the room, there is a locked gate. This allows you to pass between both sides of this fortress. This is your last chance to backtrack and make sure you got everything. Otherwise, hop down and prepare to face off against The Executioner.,

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