How To Open Blue Chests

Similar to other RPGs, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has many exploration components, especially when it comes to unlockable items scattered around the world. As the players help the protagonist Oliver save his mother from an illness, he and his friends would come across various treasure chests in the process Ni no Kuni Games, some of which he can open himself while others require special attention.

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One such type of treasure chest are Blue chests, which are not as easy to open as it seems. Luckily, there are ways players can fully open blue chests when they encounter them, specifically for earning sweet loot.

What are chests?

Before players proceed with their quests to open blue chests, it’s important to learn about their common denominator – chests. In which Ni no Kuni game, chests or treasure chests are located all over the world. As with other chests similar to other RPGs, these treasure chests contain items such as currency, weapons and armor, goodies, and other supplies that may prove useful in the player’s journey.

What’s interesting there is that Wrath of the White Witch actually has different colored treasure chests, each with their own special properties and preferred opening methods.

What other colored chests are there?

For a quick overview, outside of the blue chests, here are the other chests players may encounter in-game. It is important to note that they are sporadically located on the map and do not have specific zones:

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  • Red Chests: The standard treasure chests can be easily found by players using the search spell. They can be opened at any time.
  • Green chests: These are magically locked treasure chests that can only be accessed through Swaine’s lockgun. To open this, Swaine would need to position himself to fire the lockgun in front of the chest. They are often found indoors and in dungeons.
  • Purple Chests: These are rare treasure chests that players can only open with the Feather Lock spell. However, players can only access these chests after unlocking the Miasma Swamps.

What’s up with blue chests?

Similar to other colored treasure chests, Blue chests are a colored variant of treasure chests that players can find anywhere in the world Wrath of the White Witch. However, compared to other chest categories, blue chests fall somewhere in between “standard” and “ultra rare” chests, making them and the items they drop seem rather mediocre in terms of value.

That doesn’t mean they don’t contain valuable stuff, however, as blue chests are ideal sources for gear and other useful items during the early game and midgame portion of the experience.

How do I find blue chests?

Before players can open blue chests, they must first be able to find them. To do this, they need access to the so-called card boxes Curse. This is a common spell that gives players access to the locations of nearby indoor treasure chests such as dungeons and rooms. Players, in turn, must scour dungeons and towns for Chart Chests to find treasure chests scattered around the map.

Players can unlock the Chart Chests spell during their journey by solving Horace’s riddles, the quest line of which begins in Ding Dong Dell. Notably, they can unlock Chart Chests after solving Horace’s riddle in Hamelin. After casting the spell, players have only one minute to remember where the treasure chests were marked.

How do I open the blue chests?

In order for players to be able to open blue chests, they need a spell called spring lock. This is something players can acquire after helping King Tom mend a broken heart, which is one of the most important quest lines in the game.

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Players can now use this spell to open not only doors but also treasure chests. Players who acquire this spell for the first time can open blue chests and, after obtaining stronger wands, may open purple chests.

How to use the Feather Lock Spell?

Unlike other RPGs with a magic system, the spells are in Wrath of the White Witch From time to time, players actually need to open the spell menu. This means players have to open the game menu, select the spell they want to use, and cast it manually, much like a wizard using a spellbook. While most combat spells don’t require this mechanic, many of the more mundane spells like Spring Lock do.

Conversely, players may not be able to automatically open Blue Chests just because they don’t use Spring Lock properly. To get this right, players need to stand next to the blue chest and use the Spring Lock from the Spells menu. Only then does the spell cause the Blue Chest to open and reveal its contents.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was released on September 15, 2022 for the Xbox One and Series X/S. The game is also available for Switch, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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