How to pack for a move: a complete checklist for a smooth transition

If you think you know how to pack for a move… Think again! We all think we’re pros, that is until, it all goes to pot. Then it becomes super evident that actually packing to up sticks, is not just about popping your wares in cardboard boxes or tote bags and hoping for the best. Being efficient with your packing and planning process will get the job done more quickly, and you’re less at risk of injuring yourself or breaking a prized possession.

Grandma’s heirloom, for example, shouldn’t be buried under miscellaneous items you’ve been meaning to get rid of from a previous move. Rather than crossing your fingers for things to arrive unscathed in transit, we’ve spoken to a handful of experts about the best ways to pack when moving house.

Our helpful house moving checklist starts with scaling back on the stuff you don’t need and clear labeling so you know what you’re carrying, and what container is suitable for shimmying your stuff.

How to pack when moving house

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