How To Participate In TikTok’s ‘Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub’ Pet Trend

Lucifer may not own these animals, but they are TikTok famous. Discover how to embrace the Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub trend with your pet.

The ‘Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub’ tick tock trending is a great way to put your pet in the spotlight. Despite its devilish name, it’s not as spooky as it sounds. In fact, it’s much cuter and furrier. #TikTokHalloween is currently flooding the For You site with spooky effects, haunting sounds, and cosplay.

TikTok offers other fun ways to feature pets on the platform. For example, effect creators can create augmented reality filters for their pets in TikTok’s Effect’s House. With all the attention #PetTok is getting in its corner, more users might be willing to share their furry family members on TikTok.


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Creating a video to participate in the Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub pet trend requires skill and external editing. Start finding videos of your pet in your gallery. Watch the footage now and randomly stop to discover clips similar to those used in the trend. Take a screenshot of the paused video. Zoom in on the image and take a second screenshot. These are used as “evil looking” photos in the video.

These “bad” dogs are adorable

Now open TikTok and select “+” to start a new recording. Select the sound tool at the top and type “year zero,‘ and select Minniva’s sound. Tap the ‘upload‘ icon to the right of the record button. Select only the first video. Next select the ‘Customize clips‘ icon. Make sure the sound byte is lengthened by tapping and holding the arrow on the sound strip and moving it to the 13 second mark. Shorten the first video to one second and edit it to match the two corresponding images. Then tap the “+” icon to add the images. Shorten the length of the two images to fit the word “Belial.”

Add the second video, which will be a little longer, and add the photos in the same way. Now repeat the steps four more times and end with “Lucifer”. There should be a total of six segments. Take it a step further by adding the song lyrics as captions. From the Adjust Clips menu, taptext‘ and ‘add text‘. If you do this independently, type ‘Belial‘, then ‘Beelzebub,’ and so forth. Choose the style and adjust the length to fit the video. When editing is complete, tap “Save on computer‘. Now it can be uploaded.

Of course, there’s nothing evil about these animals, but people can’t get over how hilarious and evil the videos are. Lady the Golden Retriever has received over 7.4 million likes, and other popular pets have over a million likes. For anyone who thinks their furry friend might be tick tock famous, this pet trend is a good place to start.

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Source: TikTok, Ladyandtheblues/TikTok

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