How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Are you overwhelmed by Instagram comments? You can pin specific comments to an Instagram post to increase their visibility. Here’s how.

Did you have a popular Instagram post? It can be difficult to keep track of the comments. You don’t want to miss any positives and you definitely don’t want to see the negatives. Luckily, on Instagram, you can pin a comment and place it above everyone else.

Pinning a comment allows you to choose the comment you like the most and place it at the top of the list. The idea of ​​pinning quality comments to the top helps avoid negativity and trolls.

If you want a little more granular management of your social media content, here’s how to pin a comment on Instagram.

How to pin a comment on Instagram on iPhone

The ability to pin a comment from the Instagram mobile app is half-hidden, but we’ll show you where to look and what to do on iPhone and Android.

Note: You can only pin comments on your own posts on Instagram. Also, you’re only allowed to pin up to three comments on your posts.

To pin a comment on Instagram:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone, navigate to your post where you want to pin a comment and tap Comments Button.Pin a comment on Instagram
  2. All comments on your post will be displayed. At the top, find the one you want to highlight and swipe left.Pin a comment on Instagram
  3. Tap the thumbtack icon when the options appear.Pin a comment on Instagram
  4. A notification shows you that you can pin three comments, and the person who commented is notified. Tap the Pin comment button when displayed.Pin a comment on Instagram
  5. To unpin a comment, select it, swipe left, and tap thumbtack icon.Pin a comment on Instagram
  6. When the notification message appears, tap Solve Option to remove the comment.Pin a comment on Instagram

How to pin a comment on Instagram on Android

If you want to pin a comment to the top of the list on Android, the idea is the same but the steps vary.

How to pin a comment on Instagram on Android:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android phone and tap Comments Symbol.Instagram comment button Android
  2. Tap and hold on the comment you want to pin – a toolbar will appear at the top.
  3. Choose thumbtack icon to pin the post.Android pin comment
  4. Tap the Pin comment button when the confirmation message is displayed. Usually it only appears when you first pin a comment using the app.Check PIN comment Android
  5. To resolve a comment, tap and hold the comment until the toolbar appears at the top and tap thumbtack icon.
  6. Tap the Solve Option when the confirmation message appears.solve

Manage comments on Instagram

If you have a busy profile and are inundated with comments, pinning your Instagram comments allows you to select the best ones and display them at the top. Since you can pin up to three comments, you can pin one and replace if one comes along that you think is better.

If you’re new to the popular social network, check out these Instagram tips and tricks. To ensure your account is secure, read more about adding two-factor authentication to your Instagram account.

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