How To Play As Mira In Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is in its seventh year of existence and has a SteamCharts average of 40,000 players per month it is still a relevant and popular game. Since its initial release with its 20 original operatorsthe game has been consistently expanded every year, and now it is The playable list of operators sits at a whopping 64from real and fictional special forces around the world.

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One of these operators is Miraalso known as Elena Maria Alvarezwho was introduced into the Velvet Shell update, the first of the second year for the game. While Mira has been a mainstay for about five years now, few players will know how to get the most out of their abilities, loadouts, and playstyles.


mirror placement times

As an operator who relies heavily on his gadget to dictate defense balance, too often it’s the case that his ability becomes useless early in the turn. There are two main reasons for this; the first is this Players place their mirrors too early in preparation, and the second is that they Place mirrors too far apart.

If you place your mirrors too early in the preparation phase, your opponents will have time to plan how they will attack your position. You want to keep the location of your Mira windows as dark as possible to make it as difficult as possible for the enemy team to bypass them. Placing them late in the prep phase, when most enemy players’ drones are down (or no longer drone) is an easy way to combat this. Try it alternatively for a more permanent solution form teams with a Mute, Mozzie or Azami to control how drones get to your Mira windows.

Second, placing a mirror too far apart costs valuable time and may even eat up the active phase of the game turn (which you should avoid). It also means two defending players must be anchored (one for each window) to prevent opening weaknesses in a defensive strategy. Otherwise, Operators like Twitch can easily counter your mirrors.

Optimizing your utilization

primary weapon

When it comes to using Mira’s loadout, the Vector .45 ACP is a must. While ITA12L shotgun is a great weapon for melee combat, but very limiting for the most common Mira playstyles. While the Vector has significant recoil, it can be a headshot machine on short shots. Equipping with attachments such compensator or muzzle brake to the Vector can help you control those first few vital bullets in terms of recoil.

second weapon

As a secondary weapon, always choose the ITA12S shotgun. Not only does this improve your site prep skills, but it can deliver a decent punch at close range when you need it. The USP40 is a good choice, but it can’t stand up to the advantages of the former. With the ITA12S you can place your windows better and a larger field of view (by shooting holes where your mirrors go), and they can also help with creating location rotations or creating wall holes for things like C4 throwing or spotting from the angle to catch your opponents.

Selectable gadget

As for the gadget slot, the C4 is a solid choice. This can help you avoid planting a Defuser, and it can also help you defend from below by potentially getting Frags from below with its explosive power. Another helpful tool is the proximity alarmand there are setups where it can be beneficial, but these often depend on very specific map or location choices (so the C4 is always a safe bet).

A optimal utilization for most cards is:

  • Vector .45 ACP as primary weapon
  • ITA12S shotgun as a secondary weapon
  • C4 for your gadget slot

Avoid placing outside windows

Try to Avoid placing your Mira windows outside. By this we mean that you should avoid placing your windows where they face into attacker-controlled areas, such as B. Exterior walls or walls pointing to interior spaces that can be easily controlled by attackers.

This will open your windows easily counters with a Smoke grenade and a melee attack. After the last round of updates Melee attacks now shatter the Mira window glass Obscure your vision and render it (essentially) useless.

Rather than placing them in locations where that’s a viable option for attackers, try placements that are difficult to reach. Common spots could be Cross-site placements or back-of-site placements which keep your windows useful and relatively safe from counters.

Always work with device denial

Mira is an excellent choice for most cards and sites (which is why it has such a high block rate). But if you have the opportunity to play them, always go for it play them with a device denial operator. Without a device denial operator (such as Hunter and his AMSor Wamai and his Mag-Net), you will be the target of grenades very quickly.

Other attacking operators such as captain also pose a significant threat to most Mira playstyles, which is why a Device Denial operator is crucial for a strong Mira Defense. Device Denial Operators can also help with counters like smoke grenades and stun/flash grenades, which are also common counters for a Mira window.

Main attack counter against Mira:

  • captain and its fire/smoke bolts
  • Attack operators with frag grenades (Finka, Sledge, Glaz, Maverick, Nokk, Iana)
  • Desire (for vertical floor/ceiling games)
  • Pull out (shock drone can deploy your window)
  • Flores (Explosive drone can knock you out of position)
  • detonator and its explosive cluster charges, specifically deploying it over your window

Know when to open a window

Knowing when to open the Mira window is often the telltale sign of an experienced versus novice Mira player. Experienced players rarely open their Mira window unless they have no choice or it offers a good tactical advantage.

It can be very tempting to open a Mira window to try and get a quick frag, but this is a common and crucial mistake that all new Mira players make. Using a wall hole (a hole blown out on a soft adjacent wall) is always a preferable option for opening a window. Once a window is gone, it’s gone.

As a Mira player, you should be ready for that make every effort to hold your window at any cost for as long as possible. When frag hunting, a Mira player will often make mistakes, leave their window open for counters, or give away the advantage they already have. Use your Mira window to Suppressing enemy advances and wasting time should be your primary goal.

When should you open a Mira window?

The only real moment you should open a Mira window is when it’s no longer useful. When shattered, it can reset the scales and give you a potential advantage over opposing players.

Alternatively, if you can confirm this, you will receive one valuable C4 fragment by opening a window, then you should. What do I mean by a valuable question takes someone like montane or a hard-breaker (like Maverick, Hibana, Thermite) out of the round. This will severely limit your opponent’s ability to gain more ground and attack the side.

in summary

Mira is a seemingly easy operator to play, but can have complex strategies that are certainly worth considering. She’s a formidable Operator who, if used correctly, can spell the difference in a round on her own.

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