How To Potty Train A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are smart little critters, making them very easy to potty train. The best place for the litter tray to be is in a place that you notice your guinea pigs like to eliminate.

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Then, say the command, “stand up,” and give it the treat.

How to potty train a guinea pig. As your guinea pig nears the litter box, verbally encourage him to access it. All these guinea pig potties are similar, but it depends on the size of the cage and how secure you need the litter box. To train your guinea pig, start by teaching it to come when you call it by saying its name while giving it a treat, which will motivate it to run to you.

It is not as convenient as training your dogs and cats because you have to try hard to break its old habit and teach the guinea pig to use a litter box. When your guinea pig nears the litter box, you need to be there to provide encouragement. I know her so well i know her different squeeks like a mother knows her own babys cries.

First of all get a low rim little tray which is easy for the guinea pig to get in and out of. The best way to start doing this is by putting a tray in the cage and put some of the urine and poop inside the tray so the guinea pig will start to associate the tray with the toilet/toilet smell. The first thing you need to do is simply watch your cavy’s behavior, so you can understand his toileting habits.

Intact pigs are incredibly difficult to potty train because their hormones will drive them to leave their scent to attract a mate. Finding the best place for the litter tray. As you can imagine, litter training your piggy pal has significant advantages.

Hi i'm trying to potty train my male guinea pig. How to potty train a guinea pig: The process is straightforward, but it can take a different amount of time for different guinea pigs.

If you’re having trouble imagining such a glorious perk, you’ll want to learn how this is. Observe your guinea pig for a few days and figure out where it eliminates more often. 5 steps to potty train your guinea pigs step 1:

If it pushes the potty aside and poos under it, scoop his accidents into the potty. Most litter boxes from local pet stores are unfortunately too small. To litter train your guinea pig, take note of where it eliminates in its cage over a few days.

It may be because of poor observation, or your movements that may make your little animal seem doubtful or anxious. The only way i can think of doing it is like potty training a rabbit. Guinea pigs are prey animals.

We will give you this disclaimer: Guinea pigs can be trained to use a litter tray or toilet tray. Where you put the litter tray can effect how soon your guinea pig is litter trained.

Now let’s learn about the 8 steps to litter train guinea pigs! Observe your guinea pigs’ behavior before providing them the litter box. Like a child, guinea pigs need moral support during the early days of potty training.

I have a litter box with litter (critter litter) in his cage. If your guinea pig doesn't take to the box, put a small amount of hay in the box to encourage it to use the box. Once you succeed with potty training, you can elevate your piggy to another different training.

The advantages of potty training your piggy pal. You can pamper your piggy with toys and other rewards for saving you the expenses of changing beddings now and then. If you don’t see immediate results, do not get discouraged.

Place the corner pan in the place where your guinea pig normally poops. Potty training a guinea pig is possible, but it is not that easy as you may think it’ll be. 1.2 choose a litter tray lining;

Corner design seems to be the most popular, but it may be easier to train your guinea pig with a potty that covers the whole bottom of its cage. The litter box should be neither too big (it shouldn’t take too much space), nor too small because piggy won’t be able to sit and potty in it (she won’t even try to use it). 1.4 teach your little friend to prevent messes;

Any way it may take time but it will be worth it when you can proudly say my guinea pigs toilet trained! Not having the correct guidance to train your guinea pig how to potty can lead to the delay of your little pet learning to eat. If the pig potties where they shouldn’t, put a piece of stool or a urine soaked paper towel into the litter box, put pig into the box and tell them “go potty” as they sniff the paper towel.

Some might respond within a few days of training. Choosing an ideal litter box; Please help my mom says that if i potty train him i can get him a friend.

Then, take some of the bedding that your guinea pig has gone to the bathroom on and put it in a litter box in that corner, which will encourage your guinea pig to relieve itself there. It will soon learn to do its business in the proper place =) Observe your pet’s toileting behavior.

You have to expect that it will take you a while before you entirely train your pet. Training a guinea pig can take quite a bit of effort and time. Teach your cavy the bathroom basics by following these simple steps.

When i'm holding my guinea pig and she needs to pee she stop eating anything and make a high pitced squeek. 1.3 creating a conducive bathroom environment; You can also teach your guinea pig to stand up by holding a treat above its head until it gets up on its back legs to reach it.

Not only will your guinea maintain a cleaner cage and a healthier environment, but it also means less money spent on bedding, and most importantly, less cleaning in general. 1.1 buy a suitable litter tray; Every stray poop has to go in the pan so your piggy knows that every single one goes and belongs in the potty.

When cleaning the cage you will see where the bedding is soiled and has the most of droppings. Yes you can train a guinea pig to do this but it is very very hard and it is really only possible when they are young. Then, set up a litter tray in this area, since this will increase the chances of the guinea pig using it.

To potty train a guinea pig, start by monitoring it to see which corner of its cage it likes to go to the bathroom in the most. When your guinea pigs are potty trained, there is no need to do it because their poop are contained in one area which is where the guinea pig bedding is. 1.6 place the poop in the litter box when the animal accidentally drops the urge outside

1 a complete guide on how to potty train a guinea pig. In order to keep the guinea pig habitat always clean and avoid stink smell, you have to learn how to potty train a guinea pig fast. There are one or two spots in the cage that your guinea pigs will prefer to defecate.

Time to potty train a guinea pig. 1.5 place some hay to create interest;

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