How To Powder Coat Lead Bullets

One tip that i might add is if coating large bullets like 255 grn 45s, or 230 grn 308 the shake and bake method can leave a spotty coat. Coated bullet reloading information (the blue bullets llc) reloading coated bullets is slightly different than loading a jacketed or lead bullet.

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Using powder coating on lead projectiles is fairly new (it has actually been around a lot longer than people realize but it has really begun to catch on recently.

How to powder coat lead bullets. Candy teal color after about 15 minutes in a toaster oven you are left with a nice coat of powder on the bullets and they can now be shot at higher velocities without leading, no smoke and are much nicer to reload. Putting bullets and powder in a ziploc bag, closing the bag to contain the powder dust and gently tumbling the bag coated bullets fairly well. Since we are doing this quick and easy, you can use the cheap red powder coat that harbor freight sells.

I always start out with 1 tsp if you need to add more powder to get the desired coat only add another 1/2 tsp to the mix as too much powders will clump on the bullets and you will have to tap it off before placing them on the baking tray. The lead bullets that are sold, are typically lubricated, either with a waxy finish over all the bullet, or by thin groves filled with wax. I'm about to embark on the same.

If you strip or damage the coating it may caused lead fouling in your barrel, increased smoke, and/or decreased accuracy. Simply tumbling bullets and powder together in a container turned out the cheapest and easiest way to coat bullets evenly. It can also be called asbbdt “dry tumbling using the airsoft bbs as a tumbling media”, because i use bbs too.

The brass or copper jacket contains the lead, and eliminate lead fouling, allowing for more reliable feeding and higher velocities. Advantages coated bullets offer several advantages for handloaders. After sizing all the bullets they loaded up really nicely.

I recently scored a lot of very pure, very soft lead and would love to know if powder coating pure lead is a viable solution. Here is a link to a powder burn rate chart. The powder coating will also not resist a crimp like a copper jacket, so keep that in mind as well.

Powder coating seems to make leading not as much an issue. An awful lot (if not the majority) of people now powder coat their cast bullets. They load the bullets on some kind of conductive material and give them a spray.

It actually makes a very effective tumble lube for lead cast bullets. Women love pc bullets and detest ugly, sticky lead bullets. My experience has been that they produce about the same velocity as cast bullets with the same powder charge, but may be a little slower.

Which is how i felt…at first. A tupperware type container to mix the bullets and powder coat. Secondly, no leading in your barrel!

Generally, one can use lead bullet data for load development. But all my research points to the fact that powder coating lead bullets will stop leading. The op doesn't cast, so he has to remove the lube to coat the bullets.

I feel that harbor freight red pc is a better, harder jacket than all of the polymer commercial bullets but lucky13's lead hardness and sizing consistency makes it a great shooting bullet. We highly recommend checking out alliant sport pistol. it's an excellent, cheap, and readily available powder that is made specifically for coated bullets. I've thought about casting for my.223 but i can get decent jacketed bullets at a price that makes casting seem expensive.

Third, alox is messy sticky stuff! I think i'll be buying a few molds to cast various pistol and rifle bullets. I mean, it's kind of a tossup for me really.

About to finish with my jacketed rds and start using powder coated lead cast. From all my research on the internet the powder coating of the lead bullets stops any leading. You need some lead bullets to start, either cast them yourself, or buy them ready to go.

It's easy to add a little more powder to get a fine coating than having too much to start with. Then you will need some powder coat. I haven't read anything about reducing the smoke but could have missed that point.

The statements above were made with the assumption that the applied pc would be of suitable thickness and cured following the specific curing instructions of the powder manufacturer of the particular powder used. The bottom line is to preserve the coating. That being said, i have found that it is quicker to just recast than clean the lube off the bullets.

If you are looking to get into casting bullets, or just looking for bullets to shoot with the jacketed options drying up, powder coated bullets are a great option. It does take a bit of more time than regular lubing, but the end result is, i think, a better end result. We recommend powders with burn rates slower than the' top 15 on this list, with the exceptions being ramshot competition, red dot, and n310.

Lastly, it is good practice to use lead load data for the powder coated bullets. (this video was posted to youtube on october 12, 2017) trying out the eastwood full gloss clear, mirror black, orange, bright yellow, and single stage reflective chrome powder coat on my cast bullets. I was also told to flare the casing a bit wider so as not to remove powder coat when seating the bullet.

I use this method, because it worked so well from the very first try. Nearly all commercial ammunition today is sold with jacketed bullets. 50/50 would just be the liquid alox/wax paste.

A lot of folks powder coating bullets do use the electrostatic equipment you are speaking of. Pc bullets not only eliminate leading, they will actually remove old leading that you didn't even know you had. A lot of people who grew up and learned without it seem opposed to it;

I either spend some money on tin/antimony/linotype and use a traditional lube or i spend a bit of money on a spraygun/powder coat setup. I'd rather take a little extra time and make the bullets look nice. Powder coated bullets are prettier than lead bullets;

Accuracy boils down to how well can you make the bullets as any imperfection at all, especially in the outer dia, will cause problem at higher velocities. Will be a slight adjustment to oal also so i've got some fine tuning to do. First off, handling of the lead is cleaner when reloading.

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Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

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Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

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Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method (With

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Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

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Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

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Powder coating lead bullets dry tumble (DT) method

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