How To Prepare for The First Boss in Thymesia

thymesia brings with it many challenges that Souls-like players are used to. For some reason this game almost feels like it’s totally against you when you start out. Luckily, we found a way to level up and level up to prepare you for the first absolutely obnoxious boss you come in contact with. Here’s our Thymesia First Boss prep guide!

Thymesia Screenshot of the character menu showing Corvus' stats, preparing for the first boss in Thymesia

How to prepare for the first boss in Thymesia

So how exactly do you prepare for the first boss fight? Simply put, it will take up a lot of your time. When you start the first level called Sea of ​​Trees, you’ll notice that there are those glowing beacons that were shown to you in the tutorial. At these beacons, you can sit and line up your talents, view your stats, and change your plague weapons depending on the quest you’re tackling.

Obviously you won’t start with any talent points or memory shards to level up. These are acquired by fighting enemies as you progress through the level.

The Sea of ​​Trees is a fairly easy map to traverse, although there are a few enemies that will grind up your gear. Don’t worry, the beacon is here. To start, you run from that first beacon up to the ladder, which is in the toxic orange smoke that will kill you if you inhale it for too long. At this point in the game, run back to the bonfire and sit down.

This will reset any enemies you just killed while keeping the shards you collected along the way. This will be the bane of your existence for the next few hours, but trust us when we say it’s worth it in the long run. Run away from that first beacon, killing all enemies along the way, then repeat about 10-15 times. Once this completes, you will reset it once more.

Photo of the ladder in the first level of Thymesia, How to prepare for the first boss in Thymesia

So what’s with that horrible orange smoke in that room with the ladder that’s almost killing Corvus? There is a yellow bag in this room that you can cut into pieces to clear the smoke in the room. Once you kill this pouch once, the smoke will not respawn even after resetting.

Screenshot of both the toxic smoke and defeating the toxic sac in Thymesia, How to prepare for the first boss in Thymesia

Once again, you run through the entire map to the first boss, killing every enemy on the way. Now you have more enemies in your way, which are more difficult and give you more shards as you progress. Go to the next bonfire by the first boss, turn around and run back to the starting bonfire one more time. Sit down. Reset the card and repeat the process about 10 more times.

Yes, this may sound tedious and repetitive, but trust us when we say that this is the most effective way of doing your stats.

So now you’ve walked so far through the map your brain is going numb and you have all these precious shards of memory. what are you doing with them Sit at your beacon, click level up and start picking the most important stats listed below.

Get this vitality to beat the boss

First things first, vitality. One of the most important things in any soul game is your health points. The more health you have, the harder it becomes for bosses and mobs to one-shot you and get you to stop rampaging within minutes. vitality one thymesia is – well – vital. The game always seems to be against you, so any boost you can give your HP will help keep you from dying every five minutes.

Only the strong survive here

Next, you’re going to want to build your strength. While you might see another stat called Plague, it really isn’t as important as HP and Strength in the end. So we’re going to throw half of the shards into health and the rest right here into strength. This stat increases both your attack damage and the number of wounds you inflict on the target. Wounds go where the enemy takes longer to heal as you fight them. Yes, enemies will heal WHILE you attack them if they go too long without a good hit. So wounds will become important later on with tougher opponents.

Recommended Talents for Thymesia First Boss

Under the Unlock Talents tab of your Beacon, you’ll be presented with a variety of options to specialize in. We personally chose this build to prepare for the first boss:

  • saber
    • Level 1 saber attacks
    • Level 2 saber attacks
    • Dodge and Slash Level 1
    • Dodge and Slash Level 2
    • Sharp weapons level 1
    • Sharp weapons level 2
    • Charged weapon level 1

  • Turn
    • Defense level 1
    • Defense level 2
    • Defense level 3

  • claw
    • Long claw level 1
    • Short claw level 1
    • Level 1 predator claw
    • Energized Claws Level 1

  • strategies
    • Level 1 Plague Weapon
    • Level 1 Plague Wounds
    • Level 2 Plague Wounds
    • Blessing level 1
    • Level 2 blessing

Now talents can be toggled and changed at any time at a bonfire completely free, so feel free to play around with them if you like. These are just the ones we saw as the most efficient way to prepare for this first boss.

This concludes our preparation for the first boss in the Thymesia guide. Do you have any good build ideas or tactics that you think worked better? Let us know in the comments! Check out our othersthymesia Instructions for even more tips and tricks.

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