How To Process A Deer Front Quarter

If you cut the head off at this point, you should have a clean carcass hanging and ready to be quartered or butchered. A front leg consists of the shoulder, arm and shank.


How to quarter a deer in 7 steps by will brantley author of brow tines and backstrap november 10, 2014 print recipe.

How to process a deer front quarter. Once you have cut up to the front shoulder, you’ll cut the front shoulder away from the body. Once you know the best way to butcher a deer, you can do it quickly, often finishing the major steps in less than half an hour. I try to take all my deer in the same way:

Upon arriving at whatever place you are going to process it, just separate the muscle groups. Clean up the front half. With the deer hung from the neck and skinned, use your knife to make a first cut to remove the front legs.

The neck of the deer can have quite a bit of meat that is very good for grinding. The boning process described and illustrated favors getting lots of steak meat from the carcass. Cannot complete until engineers cost estimate is obtained from the engineering consultant.

This process will be influenced by where you’re quartering the deer, either in the field or at home. One side yields the small, boneless chuck “tender.” A venison steak is not like a beefsteak.

There is no joint in the front legs. Cooler full of boneless meat. Whatever is not shot up on the front quarters, goes into ground.

This joint is about the size of a golf ball and fairly obvious. Just in front of the shoulder, halfway between top and bottom of the deer. Skinning your deer the right way.

Then continue to skin the hide down to the base of the head. This will get you to where you can begin to process the front quarter of the deer. Pull the meat from the back strap incision and skin the meat off the neck bone.

Cut a ring around each of the front legs at the knee joint, then make a cut following the cowlick of hair up the leg to the armpit and continue the cut on an angle that joins with the cut you made when gutting the deer. A properly harvested deer begins with good shot placement and field dressing the animal quickly. This process will likely take 2 months or more.

Start skinning from the front legs. Honor the animal—and get better meals — by butchering your deer yourself Unfortunately i was busy with the cow when he cut the front legs off, so this starts at the point where you have the front legs off.

You follow the natural seams in the meat to take off your individual cuts. First 7 minutes is breaking down the hind quarter. Tip to make skinning easier and only adds a few minute to the process.

The front quarters and backstraps. The other pieces, are cut into steaks, if they are big enough. The process of breaking down the deer hind quarter however is largely the same.

With a skinned, hanging deer, begin by removing the front legs at the knee joint. To get them off, the deer is hanging by it’s hind legs, and you simply cut straight up from the joint to detatch it. Chef's advice on how to butcher a deer hind quarter.

A deer, elk or antelope hindquarter or shoulder cooked whole on the bone is a glorious sight. It does take some time—on the smoker, yes, but also during the preparation—to ensure the meat stays moist and delicious. If you have to both skin and quarter in the field, make a cut from the.

Front shoulders, backstrap, tenderloins, and hindquarters. You can butcher a deer at home and know that you wasted nothing, plus you'll save money. Shoulder meat often lends itself to stews and chuck roasts.

Handle the first front shoulder. Cut along bony ridge in the middle of the shoulder blade. Smoking a big, primal cut like this may seem imposing, but it’s actually easier than you might think.

In other words, the loin, tenderloin and round are not the only sources of steaks from a deer. Once you’ve completed this part of the process, you are ready to move on to the next step. Loosen the tissue as you pull the leg away from the body.

Once the meat is aged, lay out the carcass on a flat surface and cut through the backbone where it meets the ribs with a saw. A venison steak is smaller, without bone or much fat, and can be cut from most of the larger muscles. Method 2 butchering the deer hind quarter directly off the bone.

I either quarter, or completely bone the meat out in the field. When processing a deer on your own, the connection you feel to each package you pull out of the freezer is unmatched. Next, wash the meat in cold water before hanging the deer from a meat hook in a garage or outbuilding to age for a week.

Pay attention to his recommendation for. To butcher deer, start by skinning the deer, and removing the hooves and organs with a knife. I lose some neck meat this way, but of all the meat on the deer, this is pretty low on my priority list.

You will work this meat from the top of the neck to the deer’s wind pipe. The meat from the front leg is less tender tat that of the hind leg, and is used for pot roasting, stews, jerky or grinding. If the deer is still warm at this point, you can peel the hide down to the front shoulders.

You should be able to feel the center of the joint, where. If you desire, you can now carve out any meat left on the front half of the deer. This time take the cuts individually off the bone rather than taking the bone out first.

The front shoulders of the deer have quite a bit of meat on them, and we save the organ meat as well (heart for us, liver. Cut front legs off at the joint then cut up the brown/ white line on front legs to approximate middle of deer and make a cut all the way around as if you are caping for a taxidermist. I usually leave the rounds, as roasts.

More hearty cuts come from the shoulder of the deer. To quarter a deer is butchering it in four parts: Make your incision at the front of the shoulder where the leg meets the ribcage.

Free the skin on the front legs by pulling and cutting.

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