How To Process A Deer Ham

With the knife blade you’ll feel bone, which is the femur. Now, for a bit of terminology:

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Choose between uncooked or cured ham, depending on what flavor you like, and.

How to process a deer ham. This same principle applies to processing deer meat, or venison. Opening the chest initiates the cooling process and gets the internal organs away from the meat, a critical step in slowing bacteria growth and keeping spoilage at bay. Allow the ham to cool, then remove the meat from the bone and slice thinly.

Once you get the meat curing process right, your ham will keep for 6 months to a year. A deer’s internal organs need to be removed as quickly as possible for a variety of reasons. This will be an excellent value year after year!

To skin the front leg area of a deer, make a slit from the inner leg, near the shin, all the way to your already freed skin. It is the rear upper leg and hip of the animal. You’ll filet the skin off separating the skin from the meat completely down the legs and the rectum of the deer.

With the use of this video, hunters can spend a fraction of this cost processing their own deer. The best way/only way that i cook a deer ham is to cut it off the bone and break it down where all the membrane is off and cut it into 1/2 thick pieces, then pound 'em paper thin and fry it like a tenderloin. How long to hang a deer for the tenderest meat.

Finally, i cut off the shoulders whole along with any other meat that is destined for the grinder, including the neck. I personally find it easier to cut up a ham while it’s still on the deer, but you can also detach the hindquarter meat from the bone in one mass and process it at the house if necessary. Buy a meat basting syringe and inject the chilled brine through out the meat.

For more flavor, combine water or fully replace it with another suitable fluid. The deer in the pictures was summer roadkill. Follow along as we demonstrate how to prepare boneless hind quarter (ham) steaks, butterfly chops, tenderloins, roast and ground deer.

Our services include skinning deer, skinning for shoulder mount, boning a deer and processing to your specifications. Aging deer meat by hanging it improves its taste and tenderness through the work of natural enzymes in the flesh. As you can notice from the combination of spices on the rest of the hams, i was trying to add to this expected profile some sweet aromatic spiciness through different combinations.

The best new hunting ammo for 2021. In two gallons of water. Continue skinning until you reach the base of the head.

Set the butcher's knife 1/2 inch down from the top of the ham perpendicular to the leg bone running through the middle of the ham. For example, broths, stocks, wines, beers, liquors, vinegars, teas, fruit juices and ciders work. The blood and gut pile will comprise 20 percent or more of a deer’s weight, too.

Cut straight down through the ham, sliding the tip of the knife down the side of the bone, until the knife reaches the cutting board. By the way, a vension ham is the exact same cut of meat that a pork ham is, and a that a rear quarter of beef is; The meat was on ice in a cooler in my yard.

Once at the base of the head, saw off the head with a bone saw, hacksaw, or reciprocating saw. It is time to cut some meat. A ham, whether pork or vension, is usually used to refer to a cured piece of meat.

Curing a vension or pork ham is a very easy endeavor. It's a versatile meat that isn't difficult to cook, though the process requires a few hours' time. Smoke at 200 degrees for 6 to 8 hours until the center of the ham registers 150 degrees on your thermometer.

Tender, juicy ham is the perfect main course for any holiday. The hindquarters of a young deer like this one are tender and i often make them into steaks, because half of them are too small for a roast and the entire “ham” makes a mighty big roast. Brining is a process of soaking meat, so it requires enough liquid to submerge your deer ham.

There are 2 methods of curing ham , one is to dry cure it where you rub a salt mixture into the pork and hang it up to dry, and the other is a wet cure where you place the pork in. Place the ham on the rack of your traeger grill or use butcher’s twine to suspend it from a top rack in an upright smoker. How long you can hang a deer depends on the temperature where the carcass will be.

Stand on the belly side of the carcass, and locate what would be a “knee” of the deer. Then you’ll peel the whole deer skin down to the tail. We charge $60.00 to process a white tail deer in the above manner.

Also a ham will take longer to cure and is more difficult as a curing process. The purpose of hanging a dressed deer is to allow the carcass to cool and the meat to age, increasing both the tenderness and the flavor of the venison. At eckermann’s meat market, we can process your deer from start to finish.

Water works fine on its own, but it doesn't impart flavor; To butcher deer, start by skinning the deer, and removing the hooves and organs with a knife. Like all meat, deer must stay between 28 degrees and 40 degrees fahrenheit to slow bacterial growth that causes spoilage.

Next, wash the meat in cold water before hanging the deer from a meat hook in a garage or outbuilding to age for a week. An hour and a half later i was showered and back at work because i was able to get the intact animal to my house. For a deer hunter, one of the only things better than having a successful hunt is enjoying the deer sausage or deer chili as a result.

Once the meat is aged, lay out the carcass on a flat surface and cut through the backbone where it meets the ribs with a saw. Let boil for 10 minutes then chill to 38 degrees. Add jerry fried potatos and butterbeans on the side.

Biskits & milk gravy optional. Soon after the death, the deer will go into rigor mortis, where the muscles will contract and stiffen. However, things change a little bit when you get to the tail of the deer.

The tip of the knife should be at the center of the ham where the bone is. For a different/tangy taste, sometimes i'll coat the meat in yellow mustard instead of milk, then. This period can last from 12 to 24 hours and is the absolute worst time to butcher your deer.

Just below the “knee” on the ham, hold the fillet knife horizontal to the leg and make a deep cut. I picked her up 20 minutes after the accident. Honor the animal—and get better meals — by butchering your deer yourself

Hanging a deer in a meat safe or meat cooler will make the venison tender, and much of the wild or gamey taste will be removed. Work your knife down to one joint in the tail bone.

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