How To Promote A Podcast Episode

Send promotional content to your featured guest, including quote images, promo posters, and/or sound bites. Some are fairly easy and don’t require a lot of effort, while some might take a bit more time.

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Podcasting is all about establishing a rapport with the audience.

How to promote a podcast episode. Here are 10 ways to promote your podcast on social media 1. These tips will help promote your podcast and get you to your podcasting goals. If you have a website, this trailer episode can be featured in a “new listener” section of the podcast home page.

You published another amazing podcast episode, and now it’s time to put on your marketing hat to promote it. This can be blog readers, product users, social media followers, etc. Great content is certainly a necessary condition, but you can see pretty quickly that if you can’t get your message in front of listeners, you aren’t going to get where you want to go.

Pique interest, evoke an emotion, or cause surprise; Make people feel like if they don’t go listen to that episode … they’ll forever have fomo; Maybe you’re just tossing the idea around.

If you can, another easy way to promote your podcast through your show notes is to make them fun and interesting to read, such as by adding more context that wasn’t in the episode, creating a narrative around the show, sharing a little known fact about the guest, or anything else that could be an entertaining bonus for listeners. Repurpose content into videos, images, and blog posts. Send your typical episode structure outline to your guest via email as part of the aforementioned onboarding sequence.

Pay attention to your first episodes, and consider having a “trailer” episode you can promote that will help people understand what your podcast is all about. I’m constantly looking to improve the quality of this podcast and the content, and i’d love your help! If you never do any podcast promotion, then it's unlikely your show will fulfil its true potential.

Whether your list is big or small, email is one of the easiest ways to drive audience to your episode. Having popular guests on the show is a great way to increase exposure. Neil patel and eric siu relied heavily on email when they were just starting their podcast, marketing school.

So if a reader is on the train or at work, they can read the excerpt in your blog posts, and bookmark the podcast for listening at home. By sending a link to the page on your website, they can easily listen to the epi sode (embed the episode whenever possible), and read the show notes which should include the guest’s social handles and website links to any relevant products t hey may be promoting. Ask your guest to listen to one or more representative podcast episode so they know what to expect.

This means that, on average, you should record two or three extra episodes because when you want to reach your clients, you also want them to know what will happen in upcoming episodes. Creating a great podcast episode is just one small step in having a successful podcast. The blog post can act as a preview for the full episode.

Either way, following these guidelines will spread the word about your upcoming or available podcast. Podcast promotion is something that's on the minds of many podcasters, even before they've launched their first episode. Of what a specific podcast episode includes.

Even if you have mostly unstructured conversations, sending a guest cheat sheet ahead of time is a good idea. The first way to promote your podcast on a social media platform is to be prepared for it in every way. Here, we’ll share the best tips about how to promote a podcast.

Create assets like images, clips, and shareable quotes. Maybe you’ve already aired a few episodes. Taking extra time to promote your show can be well worth it because the audience for podcasts has been growing steadily during the last decade.

Even better, create a shareable link and send it to them so they can instantly share it. Clearly express info about the episode; After publishing your podcast episodes, actively promote them across different platforms by repurposing your content.

Conduct some outreach marketing with your guests to help you promote your podcast. An example of results from search term “small business” on apple podcasts. It's true that the best way to grow an audience is to create great content.

1) nail down your email strategy. Sprinkle in specific keywords in your episode descriptions and show notes. If your podcast is an interview type show, do research on your guest and ask really good questions.

Remember to keep your podcast the forefront, and to keep focus on creating content in your regular manner. Maybe you post a photo on instagram and link on twitter, but, eh, you’re just. Increase brand awareness for your podcast;

When creating your quote, consider including people. 13 marketing tactics to get more podcast listeners there are tons of different ways to promote a podcast. It can be something as simple as creating an image that represents your podcast or as complex as transcribing the podcast and putting the words onto different backgrounds, either way it shows that you’ve thought about how your podcast looks on all platforms and leaves no potential audience members thinking that their platform of choice has been neglected.

Give podcast guests promotional content for their episode. When a new episode goes live, email your list and tell them about it. Suppose you’re all set to start a podcast, but not all of the pieces are in place to release your first episode.

For more information on email signature marketing, check out b2b growth show episode 65 with dan hanrahan , president and founder of sigstr. Shoot me an email with your #1 recommendation or topic idea for a future episode! Instead of leaping on the latest marketing trend, focus on creating value through strong relationships and quality content.

Or maybe you’ve got plans for a big premiere, and you want to promote your show. With sigstr, you can promote your podcast across every employee's email signature, and can rotate through different episodes or content promotions with one click. Literally open your show up with something like:

How to promote a podcast in 10 easy steps. The best way to know whether your podcast and content are quality is to ask your listeners for feedback. Build an email list or outreach list before your podcast launches.

But it's rarely as simple as that. Be sure to have the guest promote the episode to their social media following.

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