How to protect your sensitive data using Password Monitor on Windows PC

How to protect your confidential data with Password Monitor on a Windows PC

When websites or apps are the target of data leaks, hundreds of usernames and passwords are made publicly available online each year. It is very likely that these compromised usernames and passwords are being sold on the dark web. To access people’s accounts, hackers use automated scripts that test numerous combinations of stolen usernames and passwords. Anyone can become a victim of fraudulent transactions, identity theft, unauthorized money transfers, or other illegal activities if one of their accounts is compromised.

Although people are often discouraged from using the same username and password combinations for multiple online accounts are ignored by some of them, making them vulnerable to data theft.

However, there is a way to add a layer of security to your online accounts Password Monitor utility on Windows personal computer

Password Monitor
Password Monitor for Windows PC alerts you if one of your passwords has been compromised so you can change it quickly, helping you protect your online accounts Microsoft Edge. The best way to prevent your account from being hacked is to change your password immediately when you notice any suspicious activity.

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How does the password monitor work?
Microsoft Edge compares the passwords you have stored in the browser against an extensive database of known compromised passwords stored in the cloud when password monitoring is enabled on your Windows system. If any of your passwords are leaked, the Password Monitor page will appear Microsoft Edge settings shows all username-password combinations that match those in the database. All passwords listed there must be changed immediately as they are no longer safe to use. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you protect your private data with Password Monitor.


Open Microsoft Edge on your Windows PC.


Click on that Three point menu available in the top right corner of the screen.


Go to settings.


Click on that profiles Tab available on the sidebar.


Go to passwords Tab.


Click on that More settings Possibility.


Activate the switch for Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak.


All insecure passwords will be displayed on the Password Monitor page by clicking View results Button.

Password Monitor is activated by default in your browser when you are logged in and syncing your passwords. A message will also appear notifying you of this. In addition, this setting is always reversible.


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