How To Putt Better On Fast Greens

Faster greens break more than slower greens with the same slopes. A light grip will help you judge the feel and pace of the putt and keep it on line.

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This is because the ball is travelling at a slower speed.

How to putt better on fast greens. Heavier putters work well on fast greens because you only need a short back stroke to get the ball moving. This means that there is a longer deceleration phase and more break. This drill really comes in handy on the slippery short ones.

For any putt outside the safety zone, deduct one point. That makes knowing how to putt better really tough. Not playing enough break is not how to putt better on faster greens…

The fast surface of the folder is difficult to hold, making you have to focus on the speed of your putt. It is a devise used to measure the speed of the greens. This will give you a good idea of the speed of the greens and will assist with your feel.

The differences in greens makes reading them hard. Start by softening your grip on the club. Often, especially on fast greens, it’s better to putt uphill from five or six feet than downhill from three feet.

The choice is yours really but here are putters i believe work on fast greens. One thing to be aware of is sometimes it’s better to leave a putt short than blasting it past. When putting on a downward slope, it is best to hit the ball with the toe of your putter.

Always remember to putt with ‘soft hands’. But the lighter putter also works because it just feels more nimble in your hands like a magic wand. Putt better on fast greens.

Positioning your approach shot on the green correctly will minimize the risk of a three putt and will ultimately lead to more made putts. 8.5 feet at a municipal golf course, you may find the greens running about a 7 to a 7.5 (like putting on your carpet). The most important factor in overcoming fast greens is how well you can control the ball.

This last tip is not something you will want to use regularly throughout a round, but it can help out in extreme situations. This will provide a better control on how the ball should roll. These were within one percentage point across all categories, from a high of 18.9 precent on medium greens to a low of 18.1 percent of fast greens.

But for some reason, slow greens don’t generate as much fear in us, as do fast greens. Sean weir in masters , news , putter fitting tips april 6, 2012 0 with rain falling earlier this week in georgia, the greens at augusta national are a bit more forgiving, at least for the moment. For example, let’s say that a chip shot you meant to put on the low side of the hole.

Fast greens are not the answer to better putting. As titleist staff member corey lundberg explains, great putting is a combination of perceptive green reading and the ability to apply the right amount of force. Open, players will experience speeds of 13 to.

In fact, the faster the green speed, the more difficult it becomes for the average golfer to putt well. Find that big slope by imagining a large bucket of water running off the green. The faster the greens, the more control you need over the putter.

Doing this will leave you without the feel and touch required to make a good putt on a fast green. This will provide better feel. Hit the putt firmer on your line and trust the stroke.

If a green is severely sloped back to front you don’t want to be facing a five foot putt downhill. Roll putts and try to have them stop on the folder. This is what the usga recommends for putting greens:

If you get it right, fast greens will help you get the ball close to the cup even if your speed isn't perfect. These greens challenge even the best players in the world to make a perfect putt. This will smooth out your stroke, slow your tempo and produce a softer hit.

You won’t need as much power with fast greens. So don’t overdo it, just a gentle roll will often be more than enough on some shots. Become a better putter right now with these 7 tips to read greens better.

A good drill before your round is to putt several balls uphill on the putting green, then putt them downhill again. On fast greens it is imperative to think ahead and position yourself for success. This zach johnson putt on winged.

And this is one of the biggest mistakes i see players make when adjusting to faster greens. That is where your best putter comes into play. Golf architects design greens so water runs off them.

And now we are good and rattled, because we don’t know how to stroke the return putt. Finally fast greens break more than slow greens for the same slope. The harder 'hit' will make the ball move faster, removing a lot of the break you think is there.

To play well on courses with fast, undulated greens, you'll need to putt with creativity and touch — and we have some expert putting stroke advice and drills on how to do just that. Grip down on the putter: Although you should aim to keep the ball below the hole on fast greens, there are times when you will find yourself above the hole.

Get it by shortening the distance between your hands and the putter head. Here are three things to keep in mind when making your next short putt: 1) find the big slope.

Try to stay calm and focussed on each putt. (10 minutes) the best putters in the world have the ability to read greens and judge distance correctly. Mastering fast greens posted by:

So, if a green is considerably faster, it’s going to break considerably more. These lightning fast, undulating greens have led to pros taking insane lines over massive swales and dips in these genius tillinghast surfaces. On the quick greens, players can often roll 10ft past the hole and leave a very tough putt for par.

They just don’t play enough break.

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