How to Restart Your Fire TV Stick

You may need to restart your Fire TV Stick when troubleshooting connection issues, playback errors, or performance issues. Restarting your Fire TV Stick will update its operating system and put things back in order.

We’ll show you several ways to restart your Fire TV Stick and other Fire TV devices. These methods apply to all Fire TV models, from the 1st generation through the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Use the Fire TV remote shortcut

This is the quickest way to restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Hold down the game break button and Choose button together for 3-5 seconds.

Release the buttons when the message “Your Amazon Fire TV is turning off” appears on your TV screen. This keyboard shortcut or shortcut works on all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick remotes. If your Fire TV Stick doesn’t restart when you press the key combination, reset your Fire TV remote or try the next method.

Restart the Fire TV Stick from the settings menu

There’s an option to perform a system reboot in your Fire TV Stick settings menu, and it’s easy to access.

  1. open that settings menu and select My FireTV.
  1. Choose Start anew in the My Fire TV menu.
  1. Choose Start anew again in the confirmation popup.

Your Fire TV will shut down seconds after you see the message “Your Amazon Fire TV Stick will be powered off.” You don’t have to do anything to turn the device on; It will turn on automatically in about 5-10 seconds.

Turn the Fire TV Stick off and on again

This is known as a “hard reboot”. Turning your Fire TV Stick off and on again will restart the streaming device by reconnecting it to its power source. You should perform a hard reboot if your Fire TV remote is missing, unresponsive, or glitchy.

You can unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet or unplug the USB power cord from the Fire TV. Both methods achieve the same result. Wait 3-10 seconds before reconnecting the streaming to the power source.

Deeper troubleshooting steps

Contact Amazon Device Support if the issue you’re trying to fix persists after restarting your Fire TV Stick. The problem is probably due to a factory defect or hardware damage. Updating your Fire TV Stick or performing a factory reset can also fix technical issues.

Go to settings > My FireTV > Around and select Check for updates (or Look for system update).

Choose Install updates to install a previously downloaded update.

To reset your Fire TV Stick, go to settings > My FireTV > Reset to factory settingsand choose Reset to default.

You can also factory reset your Fire TV Stick directly from the remote. Hold down the Correct navigation button and The back button for 10-15 seconds. Next, select OK in the confirmation prompt that appears on your TV.

A factory reset will erase your Fire TV Stick and erase all downloaded content. We recommend contacting Amazon Device Support before factory resetting your Fire TV. They will likely recommend further fixes or ask you to send in your device for repair or replacement.

Fixing power issues on Fire TV Stick

Power and hardware issues can prevent your Fire TV from turning on or restarting. Your Fire TV Stick may get stuck in a reboot loop if it’s not getting enough power. Fortunately, power issues are easy to fix. Only use original or Amazon-branded accessories (power cords, adapters, and HDMI cables) that come with the Fire TV Stick.

Also, plug your Fire TV Stick’s power cord into a power outlet, not your TV’s USB port. Removing cord extensions and other HDMI devices from your TV can also help ensure your Fire TV Stick starts correctly.

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