How to scan and sign documents on the iPhone

Despite the dominance of devices, paperwork is still a part of life, whether we like it or not. iPhone is the only tool you need to scan documents and sign them quickly, without the need for additional devices or assistance. These features may not be immediately obvious to all iPhone users, but they are built into the phone, waiting to be discovered.

The hassle of signing a document

The pandemic has forced us to spend even more time on our devices while working and learning from home. However, signing documents was a problem long before the pandemic.

Usually, you will receive the document that you need to sign, either digitally or in the mail. You would then have to print out the document, sign it and send it back. You also have the option to send a scan or photo of the document.

The iPhone simplifies this process. You can scan any document in a few simple steps. And you can sign any document or photo just as easily. We’ve discussed these standalone iPhone features separately. but CNBC’s Recent coverage has made us realize that iPhone users need to know that they can do both at the same time.

You can scan a document and then sign it. From there you can print it out or email the digital version to the third party who will ask for your response.

How to scan documents on iPhone

The easiest way to “scan” a document with your iPhone is to take a photo. Apple added the Scan feature to the Notes app in iOS 14, making the process even more convenient. We will introduce two ways to scan a document below.

Method 1: The very fast way

Find the Remarks App on your iPhone. Tap and hold Finger on the icon until the menu appears. search for Scan document option and tap on it. The iPhone opens the Notes app and moves to the camera.

From there, follow the onscreen steps to position the document in view and take a photo of each page. When you’re done, press Save on computer and the paper you just scanned is now present in a new note in the Notes app.

Tap and hold the Notes app to scan documents on iPhone.
Tap and hold the Notes app to scan documents on iPhone. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

Method 2: The more sensible way

Method 1 always opens a new note for your scans and is faster. However, if you want to add scans to a specific note, you should use the following method.

You have to find them Remarks app again. But you should tap the icon to make the app load. Then locate the note where you want to save the document to be scanned. On the screen, tap where you want to paste it and tap camera Symbol. This allows you to insert files into the document, but you must select the same ones scan documents Possibility.

Look for the camera icon in a note to scan documents.
Look for the camera icon in a note to scan documents. Image source: Apple Inc.

As before, you can use it to scan the document (or photo) of the paper into Notes.

How to sign documents on iPhone

After scanning the document on your iPhone, you may want to sign it. Maybe that’s why you scanned it in the first place, not just to have a digital record.

You can sign the document right after scanning it, so you don’t have to leave that Remarks apartment Instead, tap Split button and look for the mark Menu.

After that, tap + button to bring up a menu in the lower right corner. Inside you will find the signature Possibility. It’s the same function you can use within photos apartment

Sign any document right in the iPhone Notes app after scanning it.
Sign any document right in the iPhone Notes app after scanning it. Image source: Apple Inc.
  • Bonus tip: In this case, you could just take a regular photo of the document without worrying about notes. And you could sign it inside photos apartment The advantage of scanning the document in Remarks app is that you can quickly make it look like a properly scanned document. You can do the same in the Photos app, but it takes longer to edit.

When you’ve signed the paper, tap Finished Possibility. You can now share the document with others via instant messaging or email. And you can print it out if you need it in paper form.

Just like that, you just signed and scanned the document with iPhone. The process is similar on the iPad. And if you’re using a Mac, the documents scanned on your iPhone will also appear in the Notes app. We have already taught you how to scan a document on iPhone while booting from Mac.

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