How To Score A Mule Deer

In addition some bucks in certain units will have bigger heads adding to the ear tip to ear tip length. The boone and crockett scoring system has been the template for most other.

Non typical mule deer, Joe Berzel, 1955. score 273 2/8

I do know one thing besides some select areas in the usa it takes something special to get a mule deer to the 180 mark and the most important thing is age.

How to score a mule deer. How to score a mule deer. If a mule deer has perfect forks, it symbolizes maturity, which is a good score in every hunter’s book. 71.6 kb’s non typical mule deer size:

The trophy is up to the individual hunter. The score charts reproduced in this section are for personal use only and not acceptable for entry in the club's awards program. Mass does not add much to the score, yet every hunter will still claim it.

The one is subjective, but if a mule deer looks huge, he probably is. A common phrase is “nets (meaning net score after deductions) are for fishermen”, but if you want to be entered into the record books, deductions will have to be subtracted from the gross score of the antlers. If you’re an eastern whitetail hunter, the first mature mule deer buck you see will probably steal your breath.

65.9 kb’s roosevelt’s elk size: 60.4 kb’s mule deer size: Look for mule deer at lower elevations in the oakbrush and pines or adjacent to meadows at higher elevations.

A buck with deep fronts is a good find since those front forks can be important to overall score. In later seasons, look for deer along camp creek. Ignoring the back two abnormal points, this deer is going to score around 185″+ and is clearly a mature mulie.

A flexible steel cable can be used to measure points and main beams only.) enter fractional figures in eighths, without reduction. But to be able to score it precisely, you are going to need some tools that will help you give out a precise score. Boone and crockett caribou size:

But if you’ve seen a number of muley bucks and you encounter one that is visibly larger and heavier than the rest, get ready to shoot. I'm not particularly interested for myself of what the exact score is before shooting, but recognizing general sizes. 95.2 kb’s typical whitetail size:

Please note that the boone and crockett club score charts are protected by copyright laws. Schmidt 2001 290 0/8 cody robbins 2011 […] Look for width at the main beam—that is where score is measured.

We hunt as much for the experience, meat, antler uniqueness and character as we do for a high scoring deer. Tine length is usually one of the very first things noticed when field judging mule deer and can be one of the most important characteristics to the overall score of a buck. I'm trying to learn different sizes of mule deer.

Forks, mass, width, points, etc. Most mule deer hunters get caught up in the outside spread when in reality, the actual measurement taken will be on the inside spread of the main beams. 65.7 kb’s non typical elk size:

Mass of the mule deer. It’s still a good benchmark, but a true monster buck may or may not be over 30. It takes more than just being 30 inches wide to make a truly huge mule deer.

The good thing about brow tines (the first points coming out of the main beam) is they correlate to heavier main beams, which correlate to solid 4×4+ racks. In many cases, some people let mule deer walk because weight can make the tines appear smaller. In my experience wyoming and idaho mule deer, tip to tip, will vary from 21 to 23 inches.

All other measurable points are abnormal points and so entered on the score chart. The boone and crockett club is one of the clubs that creates parameters for. Unfortunately mule deer ears will vary in length from 9 to 10 inches depending on the unit or state.

This article comes with a disclaimer that we are neither experts at scoring or believers that a score is what makes a trophy. Before we move on, let’s talk about brow tines. Measuring whitetail deer antlers determines how significant a hunt was before you mount the rack.

Want to know how to quickly score mule deer. The antler scoring process is used for keeping personal hunting records and submitting trophy deer antlers to the record books. I explained to the panel that i wasn’t going to strip the velvet off my mule deer to have the score official.

I drew a november buck hunt in idaho, i will shoot a deer i'm proud of more than size, based off of characteristics too. In some cases, it can lead to awards for exceptional hunting. For most people, this gross antler score is all that you need to see where your deer’s antlers rank.

As far as characteristic every deer is different. Areas with forest thinning operations and wild land fires have provided good deer habitat. Savings up to 30% off.

Seeing a true 180 plus type mule deer doesn't happen very often anymore, in any state. Scoring a mule deer is based on its antlers, the bigger the antler you get, the bigger score you receive. 72 kb’s non typical whitetail size:

Net score of a whitetail buck. How to score mule deer antlers.

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