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If your item is bigger like shoes or a jacket, the price of shipping will obviously be higher, like $7 and up. No one will try to sell 90's vintage to people in their 60's at your local suburb country club.

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I recently upgraded and got a new phone and was thinking about selling my previous phone on depop.

How to sell on depop reddit. Posh should seriously consider having a free shipping promo for a few days a year. Depop currently has over 15 million users, and the platform is primarily used for people to buy and sell clothing, shoes and accessories. Depop is one of a number of websites that are challenging the likes of ebay and conventional retailers.

But here’s a few tips to get some traffic to your shop. Posting your items on depop can be really simple if you follow the correct steps. Have a wonderful day xx.

Don’t forget to check my depop @icomeundone to see how i apply the above. There is a paypal fee, depop fee and you have to remember the shipping fee you have to charge your buyer. Nice, original photos sell faster.

For me, it took a while to fully grasp the techniques to sell products. Doing a huge wardrobe clear out at the moment, bundle deals, swaps and offers always welcome on my shop. When i sell something, i charge a total of $5 for shipping and fees since what i normally sell is small and lightweight.

Depop provides the chance to swap items among the sellers. I also love it when depop offers free shipping days. If you don’t want to sell something you are still attached to or still love, don’t.

You if something goes wrong later in the process. I use poshmark to buy when i'm looking for a specific item and depop to shop around in general. You can read more about how those listings are selected here.

Depop also has an explore page, where their editorial team picks featured content to show. Depop says that buying and selling are only safe when you press the buy button in the app. This site charges 10% of each sale in addition to paypal fees.

Another benefit of using depop is that depop listings and shops work very well on social platforms. Selling in depop is very easy. So helpful for a newbie.

If you ever want to sell you need to understand each platform's target audience. The app, which allows its users to sell stuff to followers, looks a lot like instagram and functions a bit like ebay. Depop is an app that looks a little like instagram, but serves the same purpose as ebay.

Redeemable once the buyer approves the item. I sell on 3 platforms: I also occasionally list on ebay and reddit.

This site enables you to sell jewellery, shoes, posters, and old books too. Similarly no one should ever bother selling half a bottle of shampoo to teenagers on depop. Depop is a sort of mix between a social media platform and an online shopping platform.

It takes less than a minute to post something for sale, and if you follow these four easy tips, you’ll be making some serious moolah in no time. People make a living on depop so obviously there are buyers. So look around and see what’s in your closet or home.

Though the most popular site to sell clothes is. It’s definitely tuff first getting started. Please note that around 11/2019 depop also starting to roll out there own payment processing depop payments and the transaction fee is the same as paypal of 2.9% +.30.

Poshmark is good for brands. 03.11.2020 selling on depop reddit. There are prohibited items that are illegal to sell on depop, these include drugs, weapons and counterfeit items.

I’m around 5’2, my waist is 26in, hips 31in, waist 28in(a tiny bit over 28, but close enough) so it’s hard to find … As with all good ideas, depop has pinched elements from the biggest and best social media and shopping applications and then combined them together to come up with something a little different. Hope you are all doing great and can get some help with your depop with these tips here.

If your page is ratchet no one will buy or follow you. You never know what will be sold on depop. If you neglect the app you won’t get new are everything.

Here is a tip with shipping first class, on the depop app it states that shipping is.5lb ( half of a pound) or 8 ounces, however according to usps first class shipping allows packages up to 15.99 ozs and i have confirmed with my local usps that as such the first class depop shipping label will allow up to 15.99 ozs.the ability to ship up to 15.99 ozs for only $4.75 as a flat fee is great. And for a good price. Welcome to depop and what’s your depop account?

We would all make so many more sales. Depop charges a 10% selling fee on every transaction which will be charged from your paypal account. My depop is @kemiiii, i sell sustainable secondhand streetwear, some items have been upcycled and transformed.

I remember it took us around a week or two to get our first sale when we started. Equal parts instagram and ebay, depop is growing at a rapid rate. If you're considering selling on poshmark, you might be wondering how difficult it … find out more about like items.

Try selling something on depop! This how to sell on depop post is for those who want to make some side money so you won’t have to deal with being completely broke during this pandemic that seems like it is never ending! Depop takes 10% of your total transaction (see clarification below for more details) and then there is the paypal fee of 2.9% +.30, so that is the cost to sell on depop.

Even if you need the money. If you are a newbie seller selling your first product is very easy. Well there you have it, my 5 top tips for getting your stock moving on depop.

I sell more lightweight items that way. Trying to avoid the depop fee by looking to buy outside the app means depop can’t help. To be a depop user, the buyer must have a paypal account.

The app’s layout is reminiscent of instagram combined with the buying and selling features of sites like ebay or etsy. I’ve sold things i never thought i’d sell. •as obvious as it is, having nice pictures/store cohesiveness is very important when you first start off.

Instagram and depop is a match made in marketing heaven.

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