How To Set Thermostat In 2 Story House

Of course, you can also get this feature with wifi thermostats, and some of these options are also programmable. The best place for a thermostat in a house depends not only on the floor, but location, height, which room and other issues with interference.

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It may seem like all the heat is concentrated upstairs, leaving the downstairs cold and the upstairs stuffy and uncomfortable.

How to set thermostat in 2 story house. My husband and i are constantly in battle over thermostat settings. So you can teach your thermostat downstairs to warm up the kitchen in time for breakfast, while the thermostat upstairs turns down for the day. I'm looking for some research and statistics on the most efficient way of setting the temperatures on two separate thermostats in a two story house.

Learn how you can set your thermostat to alleviate this problem on our blog. If your preferred temperature in the summer is 72 degrees, then set the downstairs thermostat to 70 and the upstairs to 74. The top floor is always warmer than the bottom.

A second floor gives you more space for everybody, and more privacy as well. This means upstairs and down receive the appropriate amount of air to cool the house more evenly. What temperature to set the thermostat at in winter.

If upstairs and downstairs are at different temperatures, balancing the ductwork will correct the issue. How to set thermostat in 2 story open floor plan home. Unused rooms should have their doors closed and radiators set to the lowest level.

Downstairs honeywell thermostat (don't know make/model/or age) shows a picture of a house with the number 2 inside, with a stick figure outside the house next to an arrow that points away from. You should not set it lower than 40 ℉ when you leave a vacant house. Upstairs thermostat is set @ 65f and it feels like a summer day, downstairs thermostat is set @ 73f and it feels cold.

He will set thermostat on main level to 80 at night and upper thermostat to 74. We normally do our daily activilty downstairs only. While usually when a second floor a/c is set to a higher temp than the first floor, its to prevent over cooling of the second floor.

How to set air conditioning in two story house (dual zone). Energy experts agree that setting your thermostat to adjust to different temperatures when you're home and away helps to save money on utility bills. A two story home can be a great choice for your family.

Department of energy’s energy saver website offers a quick video extolling the setting. The downstairs thermostat will always be set lower than the upstairs thermostat as the upstairs will always be warmer. It works much the way a thermostat works.

Each nest thermostat learns a separate schedule for the zone that it controls. What’s the lowest temperature to set the thermostat in winter? (there are two air conditioning units) at night upstairs unit runs and runs taking forever to cool down.

They face north and get very hot in the summer, so i always keep them shut in the summer as the upper thermostat is in the hall next to them. Doing so can save you about 10% or more on your yearly cooling (and heating) costs. According to numerous sources, 68 degrees f is the magic number in winter.

It is summer in atlanta and hot! The temperatures for the whole house are not homogenous as some parts of the house will be even colder than the lowest temperature setting on the thermostat. A home thermostat measures and maintains a comfortable temperature.

No kids yet, so no one stays upstairs. We have a 2 story home with a very open floor plan (1st floor is open to 2nd floor) only the bedrooms are closed off. To get the ideal is interesting because the heat going to the upstairs from below is not going to be regulated by the upper thermostat at all.

How do i set these thermostats to save energy? Instead of using dampers, multiple. According to energy saver, you can save even more on your heating bill by turning the thermostat down a couple more degrees at night, and by lowering it to 55 f if you.

When the temperature in a room drops below a set level, the thermostat signals the furnace to turn on. We have two heating units along with their respective thermostat, upstair and downstair. To keep it 70 degrees downstairs, it may put out enough heat to make it 74 upstairs because the downstai.

So now there’s no more fighting over the thermostat setting! Just moved into a 2 story home: My family room have high cieling which goes all the way till roof.

However, it can be tough to achieve an even temperature in your two story home. I leave in two stoty house around 3600 sqft.

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