How To Sew A Pillowcase With French Seams

Sew both side seams taking a 3/8 (9mm) seam and backstitching at each end again. French seams are a really neat way to finish raw edges.

I made a pretty flannel pillow case with french seams, a

I honestly just left mine and they are fine.

How to sew a pillowcase with french seams. Sew envelope pillowcase with french seam. As you sew, remove the pins. With the help of this pillowcase tutorial and free pillowcase pattern we have prepared for you, you’ll make a diy pillowcase in less than 15 minutes.

If you want you can serge or zigzag the seams to prevent fraying or use a french seam. In fact, the edges are completely hidden or concealed in a seam. You’ll find a really nice tutorial on the seasoned homemaker for sewing a pillow case with french seams.

If you don’t have a serger, you can also sew a pillow case with french seams. This time you’re going to sew the pillowcase body with french seams. You will only sew the two sides with raw edges.)

Turn right side out and press. Use a 1/2 seam allowance this time making sure to enclose the last seam you just made. Fold the pillowcase wrong sides together.

Then i'm going to put my seam allowance, i'm going to sew at a scant 1/4, which is a little less than a 1/4. Pillows come in so many different varieties now, the best way to get a good fit is to take your tape measure and measure the length and add at least 8 inches so you can have a 4 inch hem, then measure around the pillow and add at least 6 inches. This is the first seam you are going to sew since you will be sewing two seams when doing this neat finish.

So, fabric folded length ways then, measure in 5 inches (13cm) from one end and put some marker pins in both layers. So the first step is to put your pillowcase wrong sides together. If you can sew a straight seam then you can make a pillowcase with a french seam.

Turn the pillowcase so that right sides are together. No need to trim it off. Once again, remember to clip threads and remove any stray pins after sewing the seam.

Sewing a french seam may sound intimidating, but it's pretty straight forward. Crafts, diy, easy sewing projects, french seams, handmade style, handmade wardrobe, how to sew a pillowcase, learn to sew, pillowcase, pillowcase diy, pillowcase tutorial, pillowcase with french seams, sewing, sewing a pillowcase, sewing for beginners. Sew side seams again at 1/2 in.

Fold the pillowcase in half, then serge the raw edges on the top and right sides only. Technically, you could’ve trimmed this off before you began, but as i said before, this is a basic and very fast pillowcase sewing method. Now we'll sew the pillowcase's side and bottom, using a french seam.

French seams sound fancy, but essentially all they are, are sewing one seam to encase a another seam. You need this amount of allowance so that the frayed edge of the fabric is tucked away neatly between the two seams. I would not have this be the first way a kid sews a pillowcase, but it’s a great next step for him or her.

Remember to keep the side with the flap open. Or you could learn how to sew a pillowcase and have a perfect match for your quilt. No stitching should be done on this side.

All the raw edges are hidden. I’m going to teach you something i call the burrito method to assemble your pillowcase and remove any fear you may have regarding french seams. Turn pillow cover inside out.

Now fold the pillowcase with the wrong side together and sew around the 3 marked lines with 1/4 seam allowance. Plus, the selvedge edges won’t fray, so that’s an added bonus. If they're not quite even, trim them to match.

This will give you enough space for a 3/4 inch seam and space for pillow. It’s actually easier than the basic envelope pillowcase version , if you ask me, and there are zero raw edges to finish. Now, although the way you make a pillowcase with french seams is different, it does eliminate the need for an overlocker.

Stitch together with a ¼” seam allowance. And yes i meant that: Clip the corner where the side and bottom seams that you just sewed meet.

So i've pinned my raw edge wrong sides together. With right sides together sew the side and the bottom and you have completed your pillow case in 15 minutes and 5 steps. All the seams will be hidden and tidy.

How to sew a french seam. Your “french seam” is now done. This finished seam is called a french seam and when you flip your pillowcase right side out and press it you will have a lovely pillowcase with a nice and neat hidden seam inside!

Putting wrong sides together, fold the fabric to form the shape of your pillowcase. Push all 4 corners out, press the seams and you are finished. Wrong sides together, which is not a typical way we sew, but for the french seam it's a must.

Make sure you sew 3/4 to 1 centimeter from the frayed edge of the fabric. Fold the pillowcase in half, wrong sides together (right sides should be facing out). For this version of your diy pillowcase, you’re going to sew it the exact same way with one exception.

Stitch the two open sides at 1/4 seam allowance. Brother cs7000i, how to, learn to sew in 2020, sew with me, sewing tagged with: Match the trim and seam and pin.

Sew a pillow case with french seams. By taking this extra step, the inside of your pillow cover will be finished off beautifully. Sew your second seam, this time using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

Pin & sew the same 3 sides as before. Trim the seam to half, and clip the corners. Finish off the ends and turn the pillowcase the right side out, making sure the flap ends up on the inside.

Pressing or ironing the fabric will be a recurring step in learning how to sew french seams. Sew down the edge and bottom of the pillowcase again starting at the cuff. How to make a pillowcase with french seams.

Use a 3/8″ seam allowance. A french seam will ensure that all the raw edges are hidden inside the side seams. Now we are going to sew french seams.

But, if you want to try a simple french seam check out the video. Anyway… enough waffle, let’s get on with the task at hand.

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