How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Using a safety razor is just like using a standard razor in that you still need o prepare your skin for shaving properly. The merkur futur came top of our list of the best safety razors to buy today.

QShave Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor Safety razor

Make sure not to use excess pressure on the skin, allowing the weight of the safety razor to do most of the work.

How to shave with a safety razor. Now position the blade at a 30 degree angle on your skin for the best chance of a close shave with minimal cuts. As you move the safety razor across your legs the blade should be at an angle of 30°. You should feel the blade removing the bristles but if not you can adjust your angle.

You’re most likely to nick yourself if you’re in a rush. Instead of trying to shave as quickly as possible ten minutes before you head out the door, consider shaving as a mini self care ritual. High water pressure will wash away any stray hairs and soap.

The razor is an upfront investment but you'll save over time! The advantages of using a safety razor. Although safety razors require very little maintenance, it’s always good practice to look after yours especially after shaving.

The merkur futur is a high quality adjustable safety razor that’s great for beginners because you can find the right level of aggression for you. The four keys to a successful shave with a safety razor are: Why shave with a safety razor.

Unlike some products, where a close shave comes at the cost of irritated, red skin, merkur’s goal is to provide a clean, even cut without all the irritation. And without technique, you can cut your skin. Let’s break down the process:

Hey, i did too for far too many years. The first safety razors used an “open comb” design, with teeth cut into the razor’s top cap to channel stubble and shave lather into channels where the blade edge would cut. Right now 10 billion disposable razors are thrown into landfills around the world every year.

Using a double edge safety razor can help you get the cleanest shave without harming the environment. This holds up even when you have wet hands, revealing yet another reason why this razor is so good for people who shave in the shower or with a lot of water. There are two primary reasons why many women choose to use a safety razor:

This is perhaps the single most important tip for those trying to learn how to shave legs with a safety razor. If you shave, then you're most likely using a plastic cartridge or disposable razor, right?! First off, as we’ve already mentioned, a safety razor gives you a closer shave compared to a lot of cartridge razors available in today’s market.

All you need to do is blast your razor with hot water under the tap after shaving for 10 to 15 seconds. Use a fresh blade and wet your razor with warm water. We all know what happens when you try to get away with the bare minimum:

A safety razor is often made from entirely metal components and, unlike. Why should you shave your legs with a safety razor? This top german safety razor brands also offers the space age futur design in a full shaving set that comes complete with a matching shaving brush, stand and shaving bowl.

You end up with dry, itchy, irritated skin covered in razor bumps and burns. This definitely differs from the disposable razors which move by themselves. Readying for a safety razor shave is no different than prepping for a cartridge shave.

The blade housing is incredibly easy to open. 1) use as little pressure as possible, 2) angle the blade as far away from your face as possible, 3) shave with the grain, and 4) go for beard reduction, not beard removal. Plastic is a big problem for our planet so cutting down on plastic use and waste is really important.

This style is still available but a solid bar (either smooth or with a scalloped top) is more common. Once mastered, though, you should be shaving effectively in no time.

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