How To Solve The Three Mushrooms Puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

To solve the “Three Mushroom Puzzle” in Tower of Fantasy, walkers must stomp on the glowing mushrooms in a specific order based on their size.

Glowshrooms, also known as the “three mushroom puzzle”, are a type of environmental puzzle in tower of fantasy The players jump onto the caps of giant mushrooms in a specific order. Whenever players perform this action, a bluish particle effect will appear accompanied by a “Boing” sound. When a specific Glowshroom node is jumped to in the correct order, it produces an audible piano note. If the players manage to solve this tower of fantasy Stepping on the correct Mushroom Caps will spawn a Gold or Black Core as a reward.


Corresponding tower of fantasy‘s in-game description, Glowshrooms form a “resilient mushroom cluster that lights up when kicked. Rumor has it that good things happen when players light them in a certain order.” While these phrases aren’t exactly badly worded, their vagueness will no doubt create confusion about how to solve glowshroom puzzles. Finally, nothing is mentioned about the musical notes generated by stomping on the correct mushroom.

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Thanks to the insights of Game Skinny, tower of fantasy Fans can know what to do to solve the “Three Mushrooms Puzzle” in the open world of Aesperia. First they need to look for the smallest mushroom, which is distinguished by its miniature size. After stepping on the glowshroom with the smallest cap, look around for the mushroom inside tower of fantasy that’s a little bigger. Jump on the medium glowing mushroom before jumping on the largest in the group. If done correctly, musical notes should play for each jump and a Nucleus should appear on the largest glowshroom upon landing.

Solve the glowshroom puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

Although fans refer to the Glowshroom cluster as the “Three Mushroom Puzzle,” there are other Glowshroom puzzles tower of fantasy containing more than three mushrooms. For example, there are puzzles in the Navia and Crown Mines regions that have six glowing mushrooms per puzzle, and some of the mushrooms are the same size. This predicament renders the “order of magnitude” technique ineffective.

However, stomping the glowshrooms by size is still true tower of fantasy. In other words, size still matters, with smaller mushrooms coming first over larger hats. When interacting with four or more glowing mushrooms, players must rely on trial and error to determine which of the same-sized mushrooms is first in the hierarchy. Remember that if a cap is interacted with in the correct order, it will glow bluish until a mistake is made or the puzzle ends tower of fantasy.

Source: Game Skinny

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    In Tower of Fantasy, due to the depletion of resources and energy, humanity was forced to leave the earth in search of new frontiers. Now humanity has migrated to Aida, a lush alien world that supports human life. When humans spot a comet named Mara containing an energy source called “Omnium,” they build a tower to contain it. However, omnium radiation causes a catastrophic event that requires heroes from everywhere to bring everything back to normal.Tower of Fantasy is a free multiplayer game with action RPG elements in which players can create their own protagonists and collect new heroes , weapons and classes as they travel the world of Aida. Similar to Genshin Impact, players can work together with others as they travel across the land collecting materials and upgrades for their teams. Tower of Fantasy entered an early open access beta on August 11 and will be fully released on Steam in Q4 2022.

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