How to spawn and beat the Broodmother boss in Grounded

Spiders: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Most people you know will probably roll up a newspaper at the sight of a single creepy crawly and smack it until it drops dead. Let’s be the first to tell you that this isn’t a method to use when you’re taking on the monster of a spider known as hedgebroodmother Grounded. Blunt trauma from a newspaper just isn’t enough.

The Hedgebroodmother is a boss creature found deep in the hedgerow in a tunnel leading off the Flingman Disc, which you’ll likely encounter a while after the Black Anthill Laboratory. Once combat is triggered, players cannot exit or enter their hideout until all players are dead or the broodmother is defeated.

The Broodmother also happens to be the very first boss to hit the road Grounded, but that doesn’t make her a pushover; not even close. The hedgebroodmother is the most difficult creature in the garden to defeat and requires a lot of preparation before you venture into her lair.

Follow our guide on spawning and beating the Hedgebroodmother Grounded to make your gaming time a little more enjoyable.

How to make bait for the hedge broodmother in Grounded

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In order for the broodmother to spawn in the location where she can be found, you need to get your hands on the right lure that will lure her into battle, and this lure can only be crafted with the help of a furnace that lets players create smoothies along with other recipes.

However, the oven itself must first be unlocked. To build a furnace you will need three different items:

  • Four Boiling Glads (can be found on Bombardier Beetles)
  • 10 pieces of clay (can be found in wet areas)
  • An ever-burning piece of charcoal (can be found near the grill)

Once you have a furnace handy, you can start crafting the bait for Broodmother. This giant spider mom loves smoothies, and you’ll need to make the Broodmother BLT smoothie to get her to spawn.

You need three ingredients to prepare the Broodmother BLT smoothie, namely:

  • A Thistle Needle (can be found in Spade Gulch and near the Giant Oak)
  • Two Bombardier Beetle parts
  • Two Lady Bug parts

Now that you’ve met the minimum requirements to face off against the eight-legged villain, don’t make the mistake of rushing into battle right away unless you want to be Spider Mama’s next meal. You must actively prepare for the daunting fight against the hedge broodmother.

How to prepare for the hedgebroodmother fight Grounded

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Here we discuss the best gear and general items to take with you to the Hedgebroodmother boss fight.

Best equipment for the hedgebroodmother fight Grounded

After equipping yourself with the strongest armor you can find, consider incorporating helpful mutations that will particularly aid you in the fight against the Broodmother. Since she deals a lot of Poison damage, adding the Mithridatism mutation should help negate a large chunk of the damage dealt by Poison.

You should mainly focus on the weapon you use to fight Broodmother. The choice of weapon would depend on whether you are fighting her alone or with a friend, but we strongly recommend that you do not tackle this boss alone.

While the Mint Mace can definitely work in a boss solo run, it’s best used when you have another player fighting by your side, ideally equipped with a long-range weapon to weaken Broodmother from a safe distance during They do the most damage.

You should do tons of damage with the Mint Mace in any scenario, and if you attach the Barbarian mutation to it you should be able to take down Broodmother fairly quickly with clever combat strategies.

If you want to make the Mint Mace, all you need is:

  • Nine silk rope
  • Eight Petal
  • Five pieces of mint

Another point to keep in mind is that Broodmother is particularly vulnerable to Spicy and Slash damage, so getting your hands on the Spicy Coaltana will also do wonders for combat.

Next, we recommend you pick up the Splatburst and Bratburst grenades, as well as gas darts for the Broodmother fight. Broodmother will occasionally summon hordes of tiny spiders throughout the fight, which you’ll need to get rid of quickly before they overwhelm you. That’s where these items come in, which will effectively clear the waves of smaller spiders.

Make sure you use the Splatburst grenade effectively though, as detonating the grenade near the player will deal you a lot of damage, which is something you definitely want to avoid. Only throw these grenades at the spiders when they are a safe distance from you.

The best items for the hedgebroodmother fight Grounded

A few super useful items that will speed up your time killing the broodmother are the following:

  • Attack and stamina smoothies like Boost Juice or Liquid Rage
  • Juries like Funguspacho, Omelant and Spider Slider
  • Fast healing with granola bars, healbasa, or meaty smoothies

How to spawn the hedgebroodmother Grounded

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Alright, looks like you’re well-equipped to make your way to the broodmother and bring her down once and for all. If you have your Broodmother BLT smoothie with you, head to the Broodmother’s Den, which is inside the hedge next to the Apricot Punch-O.

Find the zipline in this area and jump on it, following the branches that will lead you to the frisbee stuck in the hedge. Walk to the right of the Frisbee to find the Broodmother’s Lair opening.

Head inside to find an empty area with no enemies. Make your way inside the nest and go to the strange green mushrooms you find there. This is where you should place the BLT smoothie, but don’t proceed immediately.

Now it’s time to make sure you have your strongest buffing meals and smoothies, and place the weapons and healing items you want to use on your quick select wheel.

When you’re ready, add the Broodmother BLT smoothie to the green mushrooms and watch as the Broodmother descends to engage you in combat.

The best strategies to defeat the Hedgebroodmother Grounded

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The Hedgebroodmother boss fight can be broken down into three phases, and each phase will require the player to use specific strategies to defeat the respective boss.

phase one

In the first phase of the Broodmother’s fight, the Spider fully utilizes its melee strategies. The spider’s most common attack is a bite, but it will often lunge at you as well. The lunge deals great damage to the player but can be dodged. You’ll know when she’s about to pounce on you when you see her tummy sticking out.

Broodmother will occasionally perform a little three hit combo on you. While this is deadly, you can block these with your mace or shield and then attack them when it ends.

phase two

Once you’ve lost about a quarter of Broodmother’s health, her attacks will become increasingly complicated with longer combos and ranges, meaning you’ll need to adopt a more defensive playstyle. She will often leap into the center of the area and spawn smaller spiders that can be taken care of by keeping a safe distance from them and killing them with projectiles like Splatburst, Bratburst, and Gas Arrows.

Broodmother will also occasionally emit an unblockable scream that stuns players. Since you can’t avoid it, the best thing you can do is put as much distance between you and her before she stuns you; Run away from her when you see her jumping in the air and you should be far enough away from the danger.

phase three

At around half health, Broodmother’s defense increases while her spawns change from Spiderlings to Orb Weaver Jr. The more of her health you consume, the more Orb Weaver Jr’s she summons, up to a maximum of four per summon.

Take care of the weavers with arrows or melee punches as soon as possible as they probably won’t group up enough for explosives to do the job so you can get back to focusing on Broodmother.

Make sure your battle tactics are standard, use moments of inactivity on the part of the boss to heal yourself and your teammates, and don’t be afraid to play defensive when Broodmother goes on the offensive. Use moments of vulnerability, especially after big attacks like the three-hit combo, to chop up the spider while tending to its minions when it spawns them, and you should be a hedgebroodmother killing machine in no time.

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