How To Spool A Baitcaster With Holes

Ideally the best way to learn is to find someone who can use a baitcaster well and get them to show you how its done. I dont know the answer to this question because i've never lined a baitcaster before, i've always had a shop do it for me.

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This controls how easily your spool will rotate.

How to spool a baitcaster with holes. If your baitcaster has holes in its spool, you can thread the line through two of the holes and then tie it down with a double overhand knot. Can i tie direct to spool or do i need to use mono first?? You also don't have line rubbing on the frame from being too full.

This is the grip most people use when throwing any kind of lure. You can stop backlashes with baitcasters by adjusting your reels properly. I can now tell you exactly how it works and what is no doubt wrong with yours.

Tie to the main line using an arbor knot. Just like the answerer above said, but also put your new spool of line in a bucket of water as you reel the new line onto your reel. Take the fishing line and simply insert it into one of the holes in your wiffle spool.

I'm getting some slippage (as i tied direct, but not through the holes provided on the spool reel). Trim off the end of the line How to spool your baitcaster reel avoid equipment worries on the water this fishing season and spool your baitcasting reel the right way with help from these spooling tips and tricks.

These art lessons directly begin with learning how to spool a baitcasting reel with braided line correctly. The thread the line through the channel in the spool, as in the top pic. On a baitcaster, this can honestly be the hardest part on a baitcaster.

How i hold a baitcaster. Ive been seeing people using the spool holes (on newer baitcasters) and tying just through one of those to lock on the spool. If you get too much line on them, the line will jump off the spool in coils.

Grab the line and you're good to go. With a baitcaster, you can cast to the very bottom of the spool with the same lack of friction as you would if the spool was full. This is especially important on baitcaster types as you probably know how easily they can birdnest on you.

Start with the spool tension knob. Baitcaster birds nest tips avoid the dreaded back lash and lost fishing time untangling a mind boggling mass of braid with our simple baitcaster birds nest tips for beginners. The spooled braid will not slip on the arbor.

If your reel has holes in the spool, you can thread the line through the holes and give the handle a quick twist to get the line all the way around spool. We cover how to set your cast control and spool adjustment to get that perfect amount of tension, plus using your thumb as a brake and learning to cast overhead for by. Multi holes in spool are the manufactures way of cuttin' down the weight of the reel.

Having less line on a baitcaster spool, allows the spool to spin more freely increasing it's efficiency and your distance. Tie the line to the spool of your reel. This helps to keep the line from twisting and lets it lay nicely on the reel.

If the reel spool arbor has holes simply run the line through the holes and tie it off. That makes it great, you can stick your line in that and then just crank your reel just a little bit. Spinning reels should be all the way full, right to the top.

And then with a lot of these bait casters these days, they've got these little holes like a waffle ball here in the spool. Spool up a small spool reel with heavy line, make a long cast with a big crankbait or alabama rig, and you can cast it to the bare spool! You wanna take the line, you wanna put it through the eye, this little eye of the baitcaster.

Spin the reel to get that line to come through to the other side, just like so. I also took lots of photos so that will be your schematic. Useful when fishing holes in weed beds and you want to let out a little more line without losing contact with your lure.

Reel slowly and check frequently to make sure that the line is spooling correctly on the barrel. This will ensure not sharp edges are rubbing on the line and avoid the entile bulk of line spinning on the spool. As far as knots go, i keep it simple.

If the spool doesn’t have holes, wrap the line around the spool and tie it down with a double overhand knot. Bring the tag end all the way around the back end of the spool. When i look up how to spool braided line onto a baitcasting reel a lot of the videos show reels with holes in the spool so they can simply tie the braid to that to avoid the line from slipping.

I just got my first baitcaster (calcutta 400d) and i ordered 300yards of 50# test powerpro braided line. A baitcast reel is the hardest reel for a beginner to learn to cast without backlashing.however, beginners will be glad to know that it is much easier to spool line on a baitcaster than on a spinning or spincast reel. The main consideration when spooling a baitcaster is the line size and type of line you will be adding to the reel.

I decided to turn this forum post into a blog and add others to it. On most baitcasters that i'm a aware of, slippage isn't an issue because of the holes in the spool. You literally tie braid to the holes in the spool so it does not slip.

Begin reeling line in on the reel, allowing the spool to spin freely on the pencil. This one was for ray and i took this one that is like new in the box, but without papers apart. If you don’t have holes, you’ll need to work at it to get the line around it completely.

Release it and its back in gear. If the spool had no holes, i'd definitely back it with electrical tape, etc. When tying braid on to a new baitcaster.

But learning to spool a braided line on baitcaster reel is an art that has to be experienced with the help of video lessons and tutorials, gradually to achieve perfection. If the arbor doesn't have holes pull off the line down to the arbor knot and wrap about a 1 long piece of electrical tape around the arbor over the knot and line, then wind your braid back onto the spool tight. Slide the pencil through the hole in the spool of line and have your friend stand directly in front of you and hold the pencil.

I like it for sightfishing redfish, tossing topwater lures or throwing crankbaits. Not the same thing as simply tying it to the spool with an arbor knot. I use 2 regular old overhand knots.

I just thread my line through a front hole and a back hole, then spool it up.

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