How to Start a Side Hustle in 7 Steps

Investing in your career is the smartest financial decision you will ever make. Why? Because it has a lasting effect on your earning power. And investing in your career can mean creating additional or multiple sources of income. A part-time job can be the first step to significantly increasing your wealth: part-time jobs give you the opportunity to learn new skills and explore new career paths while also building an additional source of income.

I talk about starting my business in my new book, Clever Girl Finance Choosing Success: Overcoming adversity, breaking out of comfort zones, realizing life and money dreams (opens in new tab). The steps I am sharing with you were crucial in the early stages of building my business, which I started in 2015. As you read, you’ll find that “breaking out of your comfort zone” is a key theme in starting a side hustle because it means adopting entirely new work habits and ways of thinking that differ from a traditional full-time job.

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