How to Start a Spiffy Franchise in 2022

Are you looking for an on-demand technology and services company with a mission to revolutionize the car care experience everywhere? Look no further than Spiffy.

Spiffy offers a variety of hands-free hand car washes, advanced detailing and vehicle and facility disinfection services. In addition, it offers services such as oil changes, tires and other maintenance service options. Customers can even schedule in under two minutes with the Spiffy app. Each service is conveniently performed on-site at vehicle fleets, office parks and residential homes using the Spiffy Green system, which is an environmentally friendly way of vehicle maintenance.

Imagine your car feeling like new again. That’s the car owners’ customer promise that this company will keep. Since 2014, Spiffy has used its passion for technology and customer experience to pursue the goal of truly convenient and environmentally conscious car care for individuals and fleets across the country.

Some things have changed over time, others have stayed the same. It’s always been mobile, app-based, and car wash and detail oriented. Now Spiffy is 100% touchless. Spiffy Green’s eco-friendly solution uses less than half the water of a traditional car wash, leaving nothing behind. The brand’s proprietary technology safely removes and recycles used water and oil, and Spiffy can even turn tires into electricity thanks to its PRTI partnership.

Spiffy is proud to have established four unique value propositions that make it popular with consumers everywhere.

  • Convenience: The combination of mobile service with smartphone and online booking makes Spiffy the ideal on-demand car care solution.
  • trustworthy: Every car is in the hands of experienced technicians with over 100 hours of training, background checks and insurance policies worth millions.
  • professional: Spiffy’s fully uniformed technicians arrive in a company-branded van equipped with electricity, water, supplies and equipment needed for each service.
  • Green: From water use to eco-friendly consumables, the Spiffy Green approach continuously works to reduce its footprint and leave nothing behind.
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Spiffy is a premium on-demand car cleaning service. It was built to grow with its digital presence along with the increasing demand for eco-conscious brands. Spiffy’s mobile app includes options for customer plans, tracking, and payment for vehicle cleaning and maintenance services.

The company has kept up to date with the current protocols for high quality disinfection and contactless services. More importantly, it uses eco-friendly materials and its proprietary technology uses only half of traditional water consumption, leaving nothing behind.

Spiffy also has a unique company mascot – Spiffy the Penguin! The brand’s penguin mascot reflects their commitment to a fun, professional attitude and an environmentally conscious mindset. Light blue vans with the fancy penguin logo are one of the best marketing platforms.

Spiffy has established more than 40 franchise locations, and new franchises have driven its expansion by a remarkable 122% over the past three years. The company’s motto is: Spiffy takes care of cars so that the customer can live his life again.

If you’re ready to deliver on the Spiffy promise and enjoy making people’s cars feel like new every day, the brand invites you to join their growing list. Spiffy is dedicated to redefining car care everywhere and would love to have you as part of the family.

How much does a Spiffy franchise cost?

To start your own Spiffy franchise, here are the financial requirements, cash required, and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

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Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000.

Initial investment: $101,000 to $181,000.

Net worth requirement: $250,000.

Cash requirement: $150,000.

Veteran Incentives: 10% discount on franchise fee.

Royalty: 7%.

Advertising fee: 2%.

Contract term: 10 years.

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Spiffy does not offer internal financing, but maintains relationships with third-party sources that offer financing to cover franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, receivables and payroll.

How can I get more details about the Spiffy Franchise Opportunity?

What Makes Spiffy a Unique Franchise Opportunity? A lot. The company has been committed to building a positive brand since day one – from the penguin logo and truck designs to the company values. By joining Spiffy as a franchisee, you gain the backing of an established brand that commands attention and inspires trust. Check these specifics:

  • zero friction: What began as an on-demand mobile service destination evolved into a seamless smartphone app experience for consumers. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this has expanded to include contactless services.
  • Complete car care: Spiffy exists at the nexus of comprehensive car maintenance – detail, sanitization, oil changes, tires and more – for local drivers and national fleets. The brand’s impact is reinforced by various partnerships (such as Safelite and PRTI) that allow their customers to have an all-in-one market.
  • In-House Technology: The technology runs throughout Spiffy, from the consumer and technician apps to the trucks and vans it equips to service across the country. His commitment to innovation has led Spiffy to bring the convenience of e-commerce and the Internet of Things to the automotive space.
  • winning team: Co-founders Scot Wingo and Karl Murphy brought their unique philosophies together to create Spiffy. Rounding out the brand’s approach is an experienced leadership team, a commitment to W2 employees and corporate support – including accounting, marketing and customer service.
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As a Spiffy franchisee, you are in business for yourself, but never alone. This is the level of franchise training and support you can count on from the brand.

  • technology: Get started with the resources you need to book and complete services. Appointments are made using in-house software, and each Spiffy vehicle is fitted out at the head office before it is sent to you.
  • education: Benefit from the experience the company has gained over the past six years with its two-week franchise training program and e-learning platform, Spiffy U.
  • company: Let Spiffy handle the paperwork and advertising so you can focus on what you do best – delivering five-star quality service, every time.

Write your own success story with the Spiffy franchise. Request more information about franchising with Spiffy by filling out this form to learn more and start the discovery process for your own franchise operation.

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