How to super glide in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game about shooting, looting, using your characters skills and, most importantly for some people, moving. “Move” might not sound particularly exciting considering that movement is in almost every game that has ever existed, but the movement system in it is apex has evolved over the years to give the shooter a unique place in the battle royale market, where mastering movement technology can give you a significant advantage in your games.

From simple slide jumps to wall jumps, tap strafing, and playing around with the game’s various character movement abilities, a good movement player can stun even the best players in the world. And a technique that has a reputation for being elusive can push your movement game to the limit: supergliding.

Super Gliders give you a boost to your swing when you climb onto an object. Usually inside apex, Climbing is generally slow and ascending to a flat surface for your character to stand on will only result in your character standing upright on the platform where they can run forward again. When a player superglides, they get a boost forward on a near-horizontal trajectory in the air, making them less vulnerable when stalling and less predictable about where they’ll end up, making it harder to shoot.

If you’re interested in learning how to superglide, check out the guide below for some tips and tricks on how to perform the move technique.

Learn to super glide Apex Legends

The controls for Super Glide aren’t particularly difficult. First, approach a wall or other object that you can climb. Then start climbing. Right now, your character model goes from climbing animation back to the default standing or running animation on the platform, inputs a jump, and then crouches almost immediately after the jump. The inputs shouldn’t come at exactly the same time, but almost, with the jump input coming just before the crouch input. If you keep forward while doing this, you should perform a Super Glider.

The difficulty with super gliders is getting the timing of the movement right. You have to make your keystrokes in a window that consists of only a few frames, which makes the moment you trigger the super glider very precise. You also need to make sure you’re hitting your keystrokes in the correct order and in quick enough succession for the super glide to work.

The technique is also not very forgiving if you try it in a real fight. If you try to slide during a game and screw it up, you could just crouch and stand still on a crate or platform, an easy target for enemies. With a technique that’s notoriously difficult to master, it’s probably best to practice it on the shooting range before incorporating it into your real games.

Once you’ve mastered the technique, try combining it with slides and tap strafing to really amaze your enemies as to what possible direction you might go next. At least you bring in kills apex It’s fun, but looking cool while doing it is priceless.

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