How to teleport in Minecraft to players, biomes, and co-ordinates

Teleport in Minecraft is a quick way to get to a safe place or place without having to travel around the world. Here’s how to do it.

Although Minecraft is the kind of game where you can pretty much do whatever you want, the base game doesn’t really come with teleportation. In order to even consider this action, you need to enable cheats in every Minecraft world you want to teleport to.

However, once you’ve done that, you can get from point A to point B without too much effort. With it you can teleport to coordinates, players and biomes. The only problem, it’s not as simple as just pressing a button. You have to make the cheat perfect before activation, otherwise it just won’t work. How to teleport in Minecraft.

How to teleport to coordinates in Minecraft

Teleporting to specific coordinates requires both knowledge of the coordinates and knowledge of the command required to get you there.

To find your coordinates in Minecraft, you must Go to settings and turn on show coordinates if you’re on a console. Or if you are On a PC, press F3 and it appears at the side of the screen.

Next, write down the coordinates you want to teleport to, open the text chat and type:

/tp (x coordinates) (y coordinates) (z coordinates)

An example of this would be /tp -64 71 21

Coordinates in Minecraft


Be sure to enter the coordinates correctly or you may end up somewhere completely different!

How to teleport to a player in Minecraft

Teleporting to another player works in a similar way, but can become relatively frustrating if the player in question has a difficult username.

All you have to do is use the same /tp command but this time word it like this:

/tp (username)

This will teleport you to that player. Alternatively, if you want to teleport that player to specific coordinates, you can use the same command and add the coordinates at the end.

How to teleport to a biome in Minecraft

In contrast to the other teleportation techniques, this one is a bit more difficult and lengthy. First you need to find the biome you want to go to. This can be done by entering a command like this:

/ Locate biome (Press spacebar and select the biome from the list)

Minecraft command to search biome


Once you’ve selected a biome, the game will show you the closest coordinates for that location.

After finding the biome you want, all you have to do is do it Enter the coordinates shown by the game and teleport there.

This is how you can teleport yourself through the world of Minecraft with cheat commands. For more guides and news, head over to our Minecraft hub. In the meantime, why not try some of these?

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