How to Track and Rate Your Video Games Using Backloggd

With the speed that the gaming industry is moving, chances are you have countless games that you have played and want to play in the future. If you enjoy following and rating apps like Letterboxd, you might want to do the same for your video games.

Backloggd has you covered, it’s a platform that makes it very easy to log and track the video games you play or want to play in one place.

What is Backlogd?

Backloggd is a video game collection tracker that allows you to track, rate, and review the games you play, while also allowing you to add the games you want to play to your backlog. The platform essentially acts as an online gaming journal, but it also allows you to follow and interact with other users and their reviews.

The platform also has a lists function that allows you to create lists of games, being completely free on the type of list and the parameters used to create the list, e.g. B. “Best Games from the 2000s” or “All Games by FromSoftware”. Rank”.

That doesn’t mean you’re isolated on Backloggd. The platform gives you many ways to interact with other users, making it a better type of social media that focuses on cataloging. You don’t have to bother with the social elements of the platform, but it will likely improve your experience if you do.

Backloggd is available on either desktop or mobile browsers and is completely free for all users. You can also choose to be part of the Backer plan, which starts at $3 per month and comes with premium features like a personalized stats page, early access to beta features, an exclusive Discord channel and role, and more.

How to log into Backloggd

You can use Backloggd for free by registering on the site with the following steps:

  1. Go to and click to register to go to the registration page.
  2. Enter your desired username and the email address you want to log in with.
  3. Enter your desired password in both fields.
  4. Check the box to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  5. click to register.

You should now be logged into Backloggd and ready to start logging, rating, and reviewing the games you’ve played.

How to log, rate and review games on Backloggd

On the home screen, you can press + Register a game to bring up a search bar. Enter the game you are playing. You’ll be presented with a list of auto-generated results so you can choose whichever version you’re currently playing.

When you click on the game, a pop-up window will appear where you can log, rate and review the game and enter more information.

On the protocol window allows you to rate the game five stars, select the platform you are playing the game on and enter a rating of the game.

When clicking Progressiveyou can even add the difficulty you played on, whether you beat the game, how long you played, and whether it was a replay or not.

By navigating to Game Status In the window you can enter the total time played, select the platform you played on and whether the game is physical or digital Property Crate.

On the left side of the window you can choose whether the game is Closedor if you are To playif the game is on yours Residueor on yours Wishlist.

Backloggd gives you many game rating and review options, making it easy to log your gaming habits, the titles you play, and jot down your thoughts.

How to create a list or folder on backloggd

Not only can you rate and review individual games, but you can also create lists or folders of games. Lists and folders are just additional ways to express yourself and organize them neatly on your profile for others to see.

People can comment on your lists just as you can on theirs. If you’ve ever gone to gaming forums to talk to others about video games, you’ll appreciate this feature.

How to create a list on backloggd

Lists can be a great way to express your favorite or least favorite games. To create a list on backloggd, do the following:

  1. Hover over your username.
  2. click lists.
  3. click Create list.

You can give your list a title and put on Publicity or Privatewhether there is a rank List (from best to worst) or not, even if the list is in a network format or not.

You search for a game to add to the list and then click on it save Changes to save them List to your profile.

Making lists on Backloggd can be a great way to rate games based on your own likes and share your favorite or least favorite games with other users on the platform.

How to create a folder on backloggd

Besides lists, you can also create folders on Backloggd. These folders can be used to group your lists however you like. For example, you could have a folder for all of your lists that are ranked (from best to worst), and then one for all of your unranked lists.

On the lists page, you just have to click create folder. From there you can give the folder a name, choose how you want the folder sorted, and add your lists.

You’ll probably only need this feature if you have a lot of lists and want to clutter them up a bit on your profile. Most likely you can have your lists on your profile page without having to group them into folders.

Keep an online video game journal with Backloggd

If you enjoy keeping a log of the media you consume and express yourself through ratings and lists, you’ll love Backloggd. It is a brilliant companion tool that can enhance your self-expression while gaming.

Backloggd is one of the best video game tracker apps, but if you’re not convinced, it’s worth exploring the alternatives to find the one that impresses you the most.

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