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Hide the trap with vegetation. Rub the cantaloupe juice and rind throughout the inside and outside of the trap, and then set it with some of the fruit towards the back fo the trap, behind the trip plate.

Havahart® Medium 2Door Easy Set® Trap (25"L X 7"W X 7”H

(photo by erich boenzli) the surprise secret ingredient you’ll need to catch a groundhog.

How to trap a groundhog youtube. Knowing he had a trap set by the shed, he wanted to get it running. The groundhog runs through the trap and the trap is plenty fast enough to catch it. Ryan actually showed to check a job and found a groundhog out in a yard.

I’ve endured my share of groundhog conflicts, and at times they’ve even had me talking to myself, but i’ve learned a few things about the best way to trap a woodchuck from my unpleasant experiences. Just make sure the things are not rusted, have good springs, etc. The entrance is a large hole about a foot across.

Bait for groundhogs trapping must be positioned in the trap in the right way. Place your trap on an even, level surface to ensure stability. Next, place the trap near the entrance of the groundhog hole, making sure to wear rubber gloves to avoid transferring your scent back to it.

Installing guide logs at either side of the path between the burrow and the trap will help funnel the groundhog in. Groundhogs hibernate many months of the year, and they have dependent young during other months of the year, so you don’t want to close off access to. Deter with garlic and pepper.

It is best to locate the trap around six feet away from the entry hole to the burrow, and if you have more than one entry point, installing multiple traps can help to increase the chances. Place your trap just outside the burrow—at most 5 to 10 feet away from it. To help visualize the right trap and the right place take a look at this video.

To trap a groundhog, start by getting a live trap and cleaning it with dish soap to remove the scent of humans. Place the bait right in the middle of the trap. Hide it with vegetation or logs to encourage the animal to investigate it.

However you must place the trap in a pathway used by the target animal. They have either one or two doors and should be placed 5 to 10 feet from the entrance of woodchuck burrows vegetables such as carrots, celery, lettuce, peas, or beans make excellent baits. As mentioned here many times using fruits such as melons, apricots, or even apples will bait the woodchuck.

To trap a groundhog you have three basic trap options. Bait the groundhog into a trap, catch it, and then release it in a wooded area five miles away from your home. To prevent a groundhog from reaching the bait from outside of the trap, try to keep the bait as far from the trap walls as possible.

Create vibrations in the ground to scare them away. You can also place a few pieces underneath the plate to cover all. Place the cage or trap a few feet outside of the groundhog’s burrow.

While bait can help to decide whether or not a groundhog trap is successful, the location of the trap is an even more important part of the trapping process. Havahart recommends sullying a new trap to divest it of its gleam and smell. Or, hang the food from a string from the top of the trap.

Cut the cantaloupe into 2 by 2 pieces, and place the trap 3 feet from a groundhog burrow. These can be found in home and garden stores in your neighborhood. A body gripping trap known as a conibear trap, a foothold trap or a live trap.

If you are up against a troublesome groundhog that is devouring your garden or creating unsightly holes throughout your landscape, the preferred method to solve the problem is to trap the. Common traps & deterrent methods. Live traps are often used for dealing with groundhog infestations.

You can also put the food under the trap to make it more difficult to get. See more ideas about groundhog repellant, groundhog, get rid of groundhogs. Get a dog or cat (or sprinkle their urine and fur around the yard).

Generally, these critters can weigh up to eight pounds or so, so you will need to make sure that you find a trap that is big enough to hold such an animal. I n my blog last week, i shared with you our distress at having found a groundhog in our garden just one day before leaving for vacation.oh sure, he was cute and all…but destructive. Usually, the trap is a box cage that is large enough to contain the groundhog without hurting it until it is set free.

For your bait, you can use most fruits, but groundhogs especially love cantaloupes. Live have a heart traps. There is no cheaper source for traps than ebay;

Keep the bait far from the walls of the trap to prevent a woodchuck from reaching the bait from outside of the cage. Invariably, what a groundhog or woodchuck wants is food and/or shelter, so eliminate their access to these (remembering to follow any timing guidelines set forth by your state wildlife agency). Pour ammonia down their tunnel.

Groundhogs can be trapped with a big enough trap. A popular brand of live traps is “havahart”. Does a groundhog being active during the day mean that it is rabid?

The setup is described below, with the trap fixed to a stake right at the burrow entrance. Predator’s urine for discouraging groundhogs How to catch a groundhog best groundhog trap/ rid/remove a groundhog/woodchuck from your property.

Rub the inside and outside of the trap with cantaloupe and put a few pieces of the fruit inside. If you aren't able to locate a burrow, place the trap in an area where your groundhog frequents or where you've seen the most groundhog damage. Smoke them out of their tunnel.

Rub cantaloupe juice over the trap to encourage the groundhog to enter. Setting a #160 or #220 body gripping trap or a #1 1/2 foothold trap at a burrow entrance works well but since this increases the odds of an accidental catch of a non target species, the live trap is often the preferred trap.

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