How To Unlock All Heroes And Modes

Do you want to know how to unlock all heroes and modes in Overwatch 2? This guide has you covered.

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surveillance 2 is now available on all platforms and this time it’s free to download and play. The sequel features significant changes from the previous title, such as new maps, modes, heroes, and more. However, you still have access to most heroes from the previous game.

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But these heroes will not be available for players new to the game, along with the others game modes. This guide will show you how to unlock the new and previous locked heroes and game modes in Overwatch 2.

How to unlock all heroes in Overwatch 2?

There are altogether 35 heroes introduced in the sequel and you only have access to 13 from them from the start. The restricted access is due to Blizzard’s decision to allow new players to get used to the playstyle and familiarize themselves with the different roles.


However, Players who previously played Overwatch 1 will carry over their progress to Overwatch 2. That means experienced players have access to every hero, game mode, and skin in Overwatch 2. You don’t have to advance in Overwatch 2 to unlock the heroes.

New players must complete a certain number of games to unlock all heroes. The table below contains all information to unlock all heroes. It also contains information on how to unlock the three new heroes in Overwatch 2.

heroes How to open?
visit Log into the game before the end of the first season to unlock the character.
squire queen Log into the game before the end of the first season to unlock the character.
Kiriko Kiriko is locked behind that Battle pass season 1 and can only be unlocked after you have achieved level 55. You can also unlock the character immediately after purchase Premium Battle Pass.
Genji Completely ONE match to unlock.
D Va Completely TWO matches to unlock.
Cassidy Completely THREE matches to unlock.
ann Completely FOUR matches to unlock.
Hanzo Completely NINE matches to unlock.
Junkrat Completely 12 matches to unlock.
traffic rowdy Completely fifteen matches to unlock.
Symmetra Completely 20 matches to unlock.
Zenyatta Completely 25 matches to unlock.
bastion Completely 30 matches to unlock.
Sigma Completely 40 matches to unlock.
As he Completely 50 matches to unlock.
Bridget Completely 60 matches to unlock.
mei Completely 70 matches to unlock.
doom fist Completely 85 matches to unlock.
baptiste Completely 100 matches to unlock.
sombra Completely 115 matches to unlock.
wrecking ball Completely 130 matches to unlock.
echo Completely 150 matches to unlock.

Overall, you must play and complete 150 Play in different game modes to unlock all heroes in Overwatch 2.

You can also buy them Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack from the store to get instant access to all 35 heroes, along with the Season 1 Battle Pass. It will save you time unlocking the heroes but at the cost of real money.

How to unlock all modes in Overwatch 2?

Just like the heroes in Overwatch 2, you also have limited access to the different game modes like Deathmatch, Push Maps and the most important of all, Competitive.

When you enter the game as a newbie, you will see the Welcome to Overwatch Challenges that consist of three parts. Completing each part of the challenge will unlock specific game modes, and completing all three will unlock all game modes except competitive mode.

To do that, you have to win 50 games in quick play, and after completing the challenge, you qualify for Competitive Matchmaking.

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