How To Unlock Building Mode

tower of fantasy Update 1.5 introduced a new map to explore. Kolador’s invitation allows wanderers access to the artificial island, where players can get more supplies and provide a place to feel at home. The artificial island is a project developed by Kolador that should have been introduced to players earlier. However, it was stalled because Aida’s heirs attacked Bange’s tech.

Wanderers can construct and upgrade buildings on the habitable island, collect resources and later exchange them for various items and special coupons tower of fantasy.


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How to unlock build mode in Tower of Fantasy

To unlock build mode in tower of fantasy; Players can reach either 840 experience points on exploring artificial islands or Reach level 60. Build mode can be accessed in the player menu after both requirements have been met.

How to go to the artificial island

The only way to get to the artificial island tower of fantasy by triggering Kolador’s invitation quest. By accepting Kolador’s invitation, players will follow him to the Banges docks and take his plane to reach the artificial island.

Upon arrival, players are free to explore the island, opening supply pods, solving puzzles and completing the closed transmission system, which are golden round portals transporting multiple random enemies that must be defeated within a given time. As a result, wanderers can reach 840 experience points and unlock the Artificial Island building mode tower of fantasy.

What is the build mode

tower of fantasy In Build Mode, players can construct and upgrade multiple buildings that generate various resources, namely:

building resources generated
machine capsules metal material
pumpkin house fiber material
paw paw house energy material
kitty house supplies
turtle house accessory materials

In order to get the necessary materials to build and upgrade the structures, players must first follow Kolador’s instructions and construct the development center located in the center. Next, destroy hyenas on a nearby campus with an appropriate weapon set tower of fantasy. This will reward players with their first resources to build the turtle house. Note that no structure can be upgraded beyond the Development Center level.

There are other ways to get resources tower of fantasylike clearing enemy camps, harvesting wild animals like wild boar, and defeating weekly bosses such as:

  • devourer
  • Robarg
  • Apophis
  • Barbarossa

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As wanderers defeat weekly bosses on the artificial island, they will receive two types of resources tower of fantasy; Composites and quality materials. These two materials are important as players can only obtain them by eliminating weekly bosses.

Exchange Store and Workshop in build mode

The Exchange Shop is where players can exchange their resources for multiple items on a weekly basis tower of fantasyhow:

resource article
metal material
  • X135 cluster
  • X5 Common Supply Chip I
  • X1 special voucher
  • X20 Tech Store Token
  • Peanut (avatar)
  • Knight’s Knight (avatar frame)
  • Midnight Logic (speech bubble)
fiber material
  • X20 Gun Battery III
  • X5 Common Supply Chip I
  • X1 special voucher
  • X20 Tech Store Token
  • Mad Demon (avatar)
  • Pumpkin Night (avatar frame)
  • Pumpkin Party (speech bubble)
energy material
  • X15 Weekly Upgrade Box II
  • X30 Weekly Upgrade Box I
  • X5 Common Supply Chip I
  • X1 special voucher
  • X20 Tech Store Token
  • Smarty (avatar)
  • Papaya Treasure (avatar frame)
  • Pawpaw Dreamscape (speech bubble)
  • X15 SSR Relic Shard Crate
  • X20 SR Relic Shard Box
  • X5 Common Supply Chip I
  • X1 special voucher
  • X20 Tech Store Token
  • Alf (avatar)
  • Island Fantasy (Avatar Frame)
  • vanity of life (speech bubble)
accessory material
  • X5 special gift
  • X50K gold
  • X20 Tech Store Token
  • Tartarus (avatar)
  • Memories (avatar frame)
  • Days Gone (speech bubble)
High-quality materials
  • X80 composites
  • X20 Tech Store Token
composite materials
  • X80 quality materials
  • X20 Tech Store Token
Tech Store Token

In the workshop, players can store the collected supplies in order to fuse them and create items such as the Matrix Data Pack III, the random SR Matrix, or a specific SSR Matrix.

tower of fantasy is now available for PC, Android and IOS.

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