How To Unlock Crimson Meteor Vehicle

tower of fantasy 1.5 update introduced many features, such as a new map, Boss, enemies, outfits, accessories and a new island for wanderers to call home. Also, Crimson Meteor has been added to the vehicle menu, where tower of fantasy Players can choose an elegant ride to speed up their transportation.

The glamorous bike is described as the brightest crimson star of the collection due to its striking color that gets noticed wherever it goes. With a crimson body, bluish neon wheels and graffiti on the sides, the bike draws attention with a distinguished design.


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How to unlock the Crimson Meteor vehicle in Tower of Fantasy

To unlock the Crimson Meteor Vehicle in tower of fantasy Players must unlock and collect Artificial Island Construction 140 Tech Store Tokens.

In order to get Tech Store Tokens, you need to unlock Artificial Island by reaching either level 60 or 840 EXP in Island Exploration, as they can only be obtained from the island’s Exchange Store.

Where to get tech store tokens

A Tech Store Token is a tower of fantasy Currency used in the Exchange Store to purchase rare items. hikers must Exchange 20,000 metal materials, fiber materials, energy materials, supplies and accessory materials in the exchange shop to get the first 100 Tech Store Tokens.

However, the remaining 40 tokens have been difficult to obtain ever since 600 quality materials and composite materials are required in the trading process. These two rare building materials will drop from Artificial Island Construction bosses.

Where to get resources

tower of fantasy Resources are obtained by defeating enemies, animals and bosses scattered across the island including Hyena Thug, Steel Lizard, Honey Badger, Monkey Alpha, Barbarossa and many more. In exchange for cleaning up the island, wanderers can obtain generous amounts of materials.

It should be noted that resource milling is essential to get the Crimson Meteor and it can be time consuming as every 20 Tech Store Tokens cost 20,000 materials. Also, some resources cannot be acquired every day, so consistency is key to unlocking the Glamorous Bike.

How to claim resources

in the tower of fantasy In build mode, each house built generates a certain resource that must be collected daily. To do this, open the menu and select build modethen in the building section click on that legal action Key to collect all produced materials overnight. The amount of resources consumed depends on the building level, as each level of the structure adds a Smart Servant that increases the amount of resources.

How to trade resources for Tech Store points in Tower of Fantasy

To easily access the store, players can open the menu and select Build, then Exchange Store. Hikers can also fast travel to the Artificial Island Construction and then find the Exchange Store at Base Zero (that’s the green bus) and exchange the materials you’ve collected for the Universal Token of Banges. Then click on the Tech Store Token section and buy the Crimson Meteor.

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