How To Unlock The Universal Fungus Domain

The land of wisdom, Sumeru is full of hidden mysteries waiting to be uncovered Genshin Impact, especially since many of them lead to a secret area, a luxurious chest or unlocking a domain. For example, in Mawtiyima Forest, the universal mushroom domain is buried in the ground and surrounded by dendro monuments.

The Universal Fungus is a unique domain in Genshin Impact which rewards players with very useful things like Primogems, Adventure EXP, Dendro Sigils, Hero’s Wit, Mora and many more items. As the process is very simple and not time consuming, unlocking the domain is not that difficult.


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How to unlock universal mushroom domain in Genshin Impact

To unlock the universal mushroom domain Genshin Impactplayers must activate the monuments in the correct order. As you approach the domain there is a Dendrogranum in front of it and several Dendro Monuments surround it, one of which is buried under a Dendro Rock.

To simplify the process, Players must first destroy the rock to free the monument. Approach the Dendrogranum and summon the Dendrograna, then use any one Genshin Impact character to hit the Dendro Rock with a charged attack.

Once all Dendro Monuments are visible, equip any Dendro Genshin Impact Character like Collei to activate them in the right order. The secret is Note the symbols in front of the five monuments. One of them has one glowing icon; activate it, then look for the next one with a lit icon (the next correct monument is indicated by the last lit icon). Repeat the same step until all Dendro Monuments are activated.

For gamers who want a quick and no-fuss response, head to the domain’s entrance and tune in:

  1. Below right monument
  2. Below left monument
  3. Monument top left (the one previously hidden by a Dendro rock)
  4. Top right monument
  5. The remaining monument

The moment travelers activate the last Dendro Monument, the universal mushroom domain will be unlocked and a common chest will appear.

For players who want to unlock the domain but don’t own a Dendro character Genshin Impactequip any bow user and keep summoning Dendrograna until all monuments are activated.

How to get to the universal mushroom domain in Genshin Impact

The universal mushroom domain is in the eastern parts of Mawtiyima Forest. First, travel to the teleport waypoint in Mawtiyima Forest Genshin Impact, which is located northeast of the Palace of Alcazarzaray. From there, slide northeast while ignoring any tall plants. Once players get above the domain, drop down into the watery area below to unlock them.

To complete Universal Fungus Domain or Under the Umbrella’s Shade, travelers must defeat three waves of enemies in a given time limit. The first wave is Floating Hydro Fungus, the second is a variety of Fungus enemies, and the third wave is full of Hydroshrooms, Dendroshrooms, and Cryoshrooms. Completing this one-time domain rewards players with many useful items such as:

  1. Prime Gem x40
  2. Adventure EXP x500
  3. Dendro Seal x 5
  4. Hero Spirit x2
  5. Player Brooch x1 (a Genshin Impact Artifact Set)
  6. Doctrine of Admonition x3
  7. Mystic Enhancement Ore x4
  8. Mora x30,000

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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