How to Unlock Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon

Once you’re done with level 50, that doesn’t mean you are Lost Ark adventure ends. There is various endgame content for you and your friends to plow through, and one of the most difficult is called Abyssal Dungeon Raid. Here’s how to unlock and defeat the bosses to complete the difficult but satisfying Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon Lost Ark.

Unlocking the Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark

The quiet Karkosa is the fourth and last Lost Ark Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon that you unlock after reaching it Item level 960 and done “Sea of ​​Sloth” Abyssal Dungeon. Level 2 itself refers to all content starting at item level 600 and after you have completed all quests in Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton.

You should be able to easily find the entrance to Abyssal Dungeons by looking for a gray gate and a crystal icon in each major city of Arkesia on your map. Below is the list of all Tier 2 Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeons:

  1. Lane of Lament: Item Level 840 | Ark of Arrogance
  2. Forge of Fallen Pride: Item Level 840 | Ark of Arrogance
  3. Sea of ​​Sloth: Item Level 960 | gate of paradise
  4. Tranquil Karkosa: Item Level 960 | gate of paradise

Abyssal dungeons like Tranquil Karkosa will reward you with gold, ability stones, Abyssal gear, dungeon currencies (Guardian Will, Artisan Faith, Elemental Rage, and Knight’s Oath), card packs, honing materials, as well as accessories that one of your class will have engravings.

Grab some friends or find reliable people online if you want to give it a try because Abyssal Dungeons is tough and requires good team coordination. Although you can always retry the boss fights in Abyssal Dungeons if you die during the fight, you cannot respawn until your party either defeats the boss or everyone dies. All of them Lost Ark Characters can defeat an Abyssal Dungeon once per week.

Defeating the Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark

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Dealing with non-boss enemies in this Abyssal Dungeon is pretty simple: just kill them all. However, the Paradise Gate area has a unique oxygen mechanic; Eight players start with an underwater suit, but a new bar of oxygen will appear over your character once you kill Orboros. You can fill the oxygen bar by using plants or by standing on oxygen rifts for a while, and their locations should show up on your minimap. There are now also yellow colored area attacks that deal both health and oxygen damage.

Not to mention that in Tranquil Karkosa there are three bosses with different mechanics that you need to learn properly: Kallivan of the Eroded Storm, Karkosa’s Punisher and Karkosa Monarch Draikhan.

Kallivan of the Eroded Storm Mechanics

The first Tranquil Karkosa boss has 20 health bars and can summon pesky minions and a dangerous party wipe attack:

  • Kallivan will summon two Cursed Ghost Necromancers:
    • You will throw an invincibility shield at Kallivan.
    • The Necromancers also have a shield that can only be destroyed by Destruction damage.
  • Sunken Pirate Ship Party Wipe:
    • 20 seconds after summoning Necromancers, Kallivan will start charging.
    • At this point, all of the necromancers should be dead and you should start attacking them for a stagger.
    • Otherwise, she will summon a sunken pirate ship that will dish out a party wipe attack.
  • Kallivan will sometimes give a random player a gun that shoots and damages everyone in a cone shape in front of the player

Karkosa’s Punisher mechanic

Karkosas Punisher is the second boss of Lost Ark Tier 2 Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon. Although he also has 20 health bars, this one is much simpler than their underwater bosses:

  • Punisher can summon a large puffer fish, Deep Sea Melanos:
    • If not defeated, it will randomly attack and merge with Punisher to inflict a wide area of ​​effect one-hit KO.
  • Punisher lunges at a random player, grabs them, and deals major damage while dealing minor area damage:
    • While she’s pinning your teammate, you can still deal damage and stagger her to break the attack.
  • Punisher can summon four colorful skittles for you to dodge. If a cone stays on a player, make sure to move away from the other teammates so he doesn’t deal massive damage to all party members.
  • When Punisher raises her hands and they begin to glow bluish white, she will unleash a cone-shaped algae attack and anyone hit will be imprisoned for 10 seconds. You can also hit them to free them.

Lost Ark: How to Unlock Tranquil Karkosa Abyssal Dungeon

Karkosa Monarch Draikhan

Karkosa Monarch Draikhan is the final boss with 20 health bars, and you should have a tough fight ahead:

  • When you are hit by a water attack, you gain a waterlogging debuff for 40 seconds, reducing movement speed by 6% and increasing damage taken per stack.
  • Being hit by an Electric Attack grants you an Electric Shock Debuff for 40 seconds, reducing Attack Power and Movement Speed ​​by 8% per stack.
  • Draikhan can summon two orbs that slowly move to the center of the arena, blasting high-pressure water every few seconds.
  • Draikhan will roar and be shrouded in electricity. It jumps and slams the ground twice; Anyone close enough will be hit with an electrical attack.
  • Draikhan can charge air and perform a breath attack that starts at the right side of his head and rotates slowly. Follow the spin or run out to avoid it.
  • When Draikhan runs to the center of the arena (on the 16th and 8th health bars) it will do the following:
    • Summon water and electric orbs from the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) and the ordinal directions (NE, SE, NW, SW).
    • If Draikhan was able to absorb three or more bullets, it will unleash a group wipe attack.
    • Absorb the orbs yourself to avoid the one-hit KO – however, you can’t absorb two orbs of the same color in a row.
    • At the 16th health bar, each player should start at their clock position and move clockwise.
    • Start at the 8th health bar at her clock position and keep absorbing except for the third orb. Remain still when it appears, then move clockwise after absorbing the third one.

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Lost Ark is now available on PC via Steam.

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