How To Upgrade Weapons And Special Effects

There is a lot of information available during the opening times of Soul Hacker 2. As players progress through a rather lengthy tutorial section, they will eventually begin to unlock key game mechanics one by one. After finally making it to the territory of the Mansei Empire, players will encounter an NPC named Tataru (in a building known as COMP Smith) who will teach them the importance of upgrading their weapons and equipment , which becomes incredibly useful as players start encountering more powerful enemies.


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Upgrading a weapon does much more than just boost performance, it also gives players the chance to unlock special effects and other useful passive abilities that make their characters much stronger in certain situations. Unfortunately, upgrading weapons isn’t very easy, and those who don’t spend a lot of time reading the in-game manual can get a little confused by the mass of on-screen menus. The guide below describes exactly how upgrading a weapon works and what is required to unlock certain special effects and boosters. Here is how to improve weapons and special effects in Soul Hacker 2.

How to upgrade weapons in Soul Hackers 2

Once players have made it to the COMP Smithy and unlock the ability to upgrade their gear, they will be able to take a closer look at each character’s main weapon. You can also buy upgrades. As players progress through the story and unlock new areas, they gradually gain materials from the demons and enemies they defeat. Owning some of these items will unlock certain upgrades that players can apply to their weapons. A great example is ATK+, which is common on all characters and is a great way for players to increase their direct physical damage.

Unlocking these upgrades (by providing the right demon materials and yen) increases the base attack of the weapons and can be a great way for players to gain extra power.

How to unlock special effects in Soul Hackers 2

In addition to the basic upgrades, players can also unlock special effects from the COMP Smith in the same menus. These unlockables do much more than just increase a weapon’s base attack, and can increase a character’s strength and abilities in other ways. By highlighting a skill in the list, players can look to the bottom of the screen for an explanation of what it does.

Once players have decided on a particular special effect, they must collect the necessary materials to unlock it. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to see what’s missing, as the required materials will appear in a small sub-menu on the right-hand side of the upgrade list. By going to this smaller list and highlighting the material in question, players can see information about where it is at the bottom of the screen. At the very least, players should be able to see what area the demon or material is in, giving them a better idea of ​​where to start looking.

Ringo has access to a variety of special effects that differ from their counterparts. Due to her role as a commander, Ringo can unlock passive and command-based abilities that can help increase action count, change demons during battle, expand buffs, and other useful things.

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