How To Use Accu Chek Aviva

Open a new box of strips. Discontinue use of strips from these lot numbers and follow all instructions in the link below.

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The system is not for use in diagnosis or screening of diabetes mellitus.

How to use accu chek aviva. Refer to your user's guide for additional information. • use the test strip immediately after removing it from the test strip container. Only 1 small drop is needed.

Then put the meter on a flat surface, insert the test strip, and squeeze a drop of the control solution onto the front edge of the test strip. The amazing fascinating aspect of the aviva plus is that this is first meter/lancet/test strip combo to receive an “ease of use” award from the arthritis foundation. This meter is quite simple in design, consistent, easy to use and gives you accurate results in just 5 seconds.

Other individual meters, etc., have received this award, but not for the entire package of. • store the strip container and meter in a cool dry place, such as a • change the code chip every time you bedroom. It is one of the most accurate glucose meters in the market currently.

Insert the drum, white end first, ensuring to push it all the way in. Let your arm hang down at your side to increase blood flow to the fingertips. Grasp finger just below the joint closest to the fingertip and massage gently toward tip of finger, then squeeze for 3 seconds.

First, wipe the tip of the control bottle. This system is intended to be used by a single person and should not be shared. Pre and post meal test reminders.

The accu chek aviva plus blood glucose meter is the most accurate and least painful device to check the blood sugar level for users. The accu‑chek aviva plus test strips are for use with the accu‑chek aviva blood glucose meter to quantitatively measure glucose (sugar) in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertips, forearm, upper arm, or palm. Owner's booklet, standard owner’s booklet, user manual, advanced owner's booklet, training handbook, quick start manuals, quick reference manual

Rechargeable batteries can also be used, but they may result in reduced battery life. This meter uses two standard aaa batteries, preferably alkaline. Page 32 blood glucose tests using the accu‑chek aviva connect system • use only accu‑chek aviva plus test strips.

Get accurate results in 3 easy steps: First, wipe the tip of the control bottle. Then put the meter on a flat surface, insert the test strip, and squeeze a drop of the control solution onto the front edge of the test strip.

Pre and post meal test reminders. • do not apply blood or control solution to the test strip before inserting it into the meter. These affected test strip lots show an increased potential for the inability to dose, resulting in the temporary unavailability of blood glucose measurement.

Insert your test strip into the meter and it turns on automatically. Remove the cap from the lancing device. Once 500 blood sugar (glucose) results are in the memory, adding a new result causes the oldest one to be deleted.

Each drum contains 6 preloaded lancets.

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