How To Use AI To Maximize Your Inflation Relief Payments

The central theses

  • Over a dozen states have or will make inflation support payments to citizens to ease the burden of inflation
  • AI can maximize your returns by analyzing larger amounts of information, generating unique insights, and effectively managing risk
  • When you don’t have to pay bills or need to increase your emergency fund, consider a lump sum investment to accelerate your return potential

During the pandemic, the federal government issued three rounds of stimulus checks to keep struggling Americans afloat. Now, with inflation eating away at workers’ wallets, several states are issuing their own emergency payments. Some call them stimulus checks, tax refunds, or inflation relief — all designed to give citizens a boost in tough times.

Wait where is my inflation compensation?

Unfortunately, not every state grants financial relief, and no two states grant the same relief to all citizens.

We won’t cover them all today, but some of the largest payments ($500 or more) go in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, New Mexico, and South Carolina. (Read more about these inflation relief payments here.)

Granted, these payments come at a unique time. As inflation continues to weigh on household finances, the US continues to suffer from a surprisingly tight labor market, complete with labor shortages, rising wages and robustly low unemployment.

At the same time, GDP data suggests we are in a technical recession, although debate rages on as to whether and when we will enter a ‘true’ recession.

What should you do with your inflation relief?

These inflation relief payments are intended to ease the financial burden on lower- and middle-class American families. Some people spend it on bills, rent, or groceries, among other things. Others might put it into a high-yield emergency savings account or put it into a new home or car.

But of course we have another suggestion here at invest. When you’re fed, your rent is paid, and your emergency fund is well stocked, investing a sizeable lump sum can really accelerate your long-term earnings.

And there’s no better way to invest than with AI at your side.

5 ways AI can maximize your inflation relief payments

AI – artificial intelligence – is a concept straight out of science fiction. And while the term may conjure up thoughts of futuristic robots or killer computer programs, there is a lot of more on this.

For example, in the fintech (financial technology) space, AI is trained to analyze data and generate patterns, predictions, and other outcomes. In particular, uses a wide range of specially trained AI applications to help investors make smarter money movements.

Here’s how’s AI investing algorithms can make the most of your inflation support payments.

Automation of the collection of plant data

Even for hedge funds with tons of money and resources, investment research and analysis is a costly endeavor. It takes analysts, industry specialists, and a lot of capital and expensive software to stay competitive. Even then, there is a significant risk of making the wrong investments at any given time.

But AI can work faster and cheaper (and after training, without human involvement). Technology keeps getting better, often resulting in faster and smarter insights for investors and analysts.

Generate unique insights with alternative data

Admittedly, AI is still in its infancy – the learning years, if you will. Currently, AI relies on existing knowledge and information databases to train its algorithms to recognize patterns, draw inferences, and make predictions.

Take the internet-based Dall-E Mini (recently renamed Craiyon), an open-source AI that generates images from text, using existing art and photos as “inspiration”.

Similarly, there’s the Colorado artist who sparked controversy when his artificial intelligence painting won the Colorado State Fair’s digital art competition.

And let’s not forget the creepy Loab woman who makes the rounds in the artificial intelligence drawing community.

But the way investment AI works is a little different. Instead of creating subjective art based on subjective taste, it prevails objective Data such as numbers and historical trends to make forecasts and predict investment performance.

Not only can AI analyze data faster and from more angles, it also processes a greater variety of data. (Remember to examine satellite imagery to gauge how today’s crop growth might affect future commodity prices.)

With this type of intricate analysis,’s artificial intelligence can generate unique, actionable insights from a mix of traditional and alternative data.

Manage risk more effectively

At, we use artificial intelligence algorithms to guide investment selection within each “basket” or investment kit. In addition to designing our kits, we also use AI to manage and mitigate risk within and between each kit.

First, diagnoses each kit’s specific risk level and its correlation with other kits. Then we use AI-generated allocations to balance investments across kits to better manage and, where possible, mitigate risk. Over time, our AI uses these strategies to optimize returns and reduce the impact of large downturns.

Providing unique portfolio protection features

Our AI may manage risks, but it cannot eliminate them entirely. This is where our unique portfolio protection function comes in.

When investors trigger portfolio protection, our AI-powered forecasts adjust certain factors to account for potential adverse impacts. For example, our AI assesses interest rate, oil price and volatility risks in our Backbone Foundation Kits. We then use multiple neural networks to predict potential impacts of these risks.

Using the resulting data, Portfolio Protection can add hedging strategies to offset expected downturns. While the resulting precautionary measures can slightly stunt growth, they can also significantly reduce risk in volatile markets and limit the downside risk of any investment.

Diversifying your portfolio

Finally, makes it easy to start investing with instant diversification.

Each of our kits, regardless of type or objective, invests in a basket of handpicked (well, AI-picked) securities. From the Large Cap Kit’s focus on larger companies to Bitcoin Breakout’s focus on cryptos, our AI makes it easy to spread your eggs across multiple assets and/or industries.

And since you can invest in more than one kit at a time, you can layer your diversification – and the power of AI – to improve your investment strategy.

Increase your inflation relief payments with investment kits

We’ve mentioned these “investment kits” a few times now, so we thought it only fair to briefly explain them.’s investment kits are one-click investments that contain a basket of stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and other vehicles. All told, kits can contain anywhere from 5 to 50 securities and are rebalanced weekly for maximum effectiveness.

Each kit is powered by AI to simplify investing success for individual investors who lack the time, resources or knowledge to invest like the pros. We group them into four basic categories, each drawing on expert portfolio management techniques and guided by the power of neural networks.

Foundation kits serve as the basis for your investment portfolio. We offer three paths, each with a focus on technology, value or global microtrends.

Limited edition kits make thematic short-term trades to take advantage of trends predicted by the AI. As trends wane, these kits may only last a few weeks before they expire forever.

Specialty kits allow investors to tap into popular themes like meme stocks, crypto or clean energy. But unlike our limited edition kits, they don’t expire – they just evolve over time.

Community kits allow investors to leverage’s unique partnership with Forbes and create kits based on crowdsourced feedback.

If you’re curious how’s investment kits can impact your financial life, check out our full explanation here. turns investing into a (man-made) piece of cake

For many, rising inflation means they are struggling to pay rent, buy groceries or enjoy the luxuries of the past. That’s why many states are spending their inflation relief payments: to take the sting out of the post-Covid economy.

But if you don’t need the money now, our AI can help you turn a few hundred dollars into a few thousand. (At least with enough time.)

And if you’re not sure where to start, we can help there too. By combining our inflation kit with portfolio protection, you can protect your bets in more ways than one – and even make a profit when others see losses.

Download today for access to AI-supported investment strategies. If you deposit $100, we’ll add another $50 to your account.

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