How To Use Manifesting To Revolutionise Your Romantic Life, According To An Expert

“In Venezuela, we check astrology for everything,” says Dalila Salgueiro, astro-manifestation trainer and founder of the Manifesting App. “When you sign a contract, when you start a relationship… anything.” Her personal journey began when, after moving to London to work in PR, Delilah became increasingly unhappy. “I was stressed all the time, had panic attacks and felt left behind,” she recalls. When she discovered her passion for astrology, she found: “I was more in tune with myself, my body and my surroundings. The harder I tried, the more I was able to heal myself.”

Salgueiro returned to Venezuela to study under an astrologer for three years and immerse himself in the Mayan calendar — a time she describes as “a complete journey of self-discovery.” In South America, astrology is more woven into the culture, she says, rather than being seen as “a worm thing that doesn’t work.” Now she is working to share her knowledge of astral manifestations through her app, which promises to help followers achieve their dreams through conscious living. But, she warns, manifestation isn’t a magical spirit — it takes work. Below is their guide to getting started.

How manifestation works

“Fool your brain into believing it’s already happening,” Salgueiro says simply of the things you hope to attract or achieve. “You could create a mood board of what your dream home looks like and then say how much you love it, how happy you are in that house. Believe it.” The same goes for the type of mate you want to find. Write a list of the qualities you’re looking for and provide visual cues — pin the list to your wall or use symbolic images. According to Salgueiro , who points out the daily affirmations in her app, mantras can also help you boost your energy.”So if you’re trying to become a more confident person, your mantra could be: I trust myself, I’m beautiful.” “

Salgueiro adds that the times when manifestation proves most effective vary by zodiac sign. New moons are always a powerful time for manifestations, with the strongest being in your season, explains Dalila. Likewise, your Venusian period is a particularly auspicious time to forge romantic connections. “Don’t say no to anything,” she says.

How to Use Manifestations in Your Dating Life

Work on yourself first

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say “raise your frequency” or “raise your vibration”? Delilah says this means that the more you love yourself and show yourself that love by investing time in your inner and outer self-care, the more likely you are to attract others on the same loving level. Like attracts like, and positive energy will manifest positive opportunity, she explains. “When you’re down here, you’re going to attract people on the same level. Work on being the best version of yourself.”

There are no mistakes, only lessons

“When you’re very dependent on someone and you can’t be happy on your own, things will happen,” says Delilah. “You break up or this person is cheating – it’s not a coincidence, these are all challenges that the universe gives you to increase your energy and [help you to] Find your inner strength.” According to Delilah, it is important to see such incidents as an opportunity to mature, not as a spiral. “We have this film perspective that a relationship should last forever, but every relationship comes for just the amount of time it takes for you to learn and grow in your evolution. It’s not a failure. Ask yourself what you learned. Don’t use the negative energy to believe that your other relationships will be the same.”

That goes for your mindset in general

“Once in a while, [you tell yourself] You’re having a bad day, and so things continue badly.” Delilah says, adding that telling yourself that you’ll never meet a partner is similarly counterproductive—”your brain believes it.” If you tell yourself, If you’re a failure at relationships, you won’t manifest a successful relationship, she says.

Come from a place of plenty, not scarcity

Delilah uses the analogy of ordering a salad at a restaurant only for the waiter to bring you a hamburger. They would send it back, she says, because it’s not what you asked for. “Apply this to anything you want to manifest,” she says. If it’s not what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to let it go. Dalila suggests compiling a list of what you are looking for in a partner, including the non-negotiable ones, so as not to waste time on someone who isn’t your match.

You know what you Yes, really want

Instead of writing, “I want someone tall and handsome,” write down how you want that person to make you feel or what you’ll do together, Dalila says. Maybe someone you feel safe with suggests them, or a traveler you can explore the world with. “You have to be honest with yourself,” she explains. “The best connections are on an energetic level. People get obsessed with a certain look and then wonder why they only attract players, for example.”

For a deeper dive, your natal chart can offer insights to help you differentiate between what you want and what you need. Your 4th house appeals to family, the way you love and want to be loved. Your 7th house reflects how you view long-term relationships, Salgueiro explains.

Find a hobby

According to Salgueiro, “When you do things you’re passionate about, positive energy finds you.” Find a hobby that excites you — maybe cooking or hiking — and lean into it by taking classes or joining groups. It’s also a great way to meet people in a more natural way, she says, and when you’re at your best, to experience new and fun things.

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