How To Use The Content Warnings Menu In I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

I was a teenage exocolonist deals with various themes related to the trials of human life and the terror of encountering a new world. Unfortunately, some of these themes could have strong mental triggers or be unsuitable for younger audiences. Luckily, the game includes a well-detailed content alert menu that covers all of these topics.

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Content warnings are a well-known concept, usually summed up in a pre-game warning message. However, in Teenage Exocolonist you can look up specific content, when and how it occurs, and if you can avoid it. It’s a revolutionary idea and a brilliant resource for players worried about what to expect from this deep, truthful experience.


You can find the content alerts in the main menu of the game. This section is between the gallery and Stop options. Also, you can access the content alerts at any time during your game. If you are in the middle of the game, go to system Menu (indicated by the HUD’s gear icon in the upper left area). Once the menu is selected, a drop-down window will open. Content Alerts is the last option on the right side of the list.

Opening the Content Alerts menu will bring up a list of all the triggering/maturation issues featured in the game’s various storylines and events. If you want to learn more about a specific content warning, select that topic.

After you have selected the desired topic, a message box summarizes all possible scenarios related to the relevant topic. These details include the scenario involved, how and when it will occur, and whether the scenario is avoidable.

If you despise spoilers, be careful with the content warnings. The menu satisfactorily describes specific events without revealing too much. However, it’s possible to connect the dots even with vague descriptions, especially when you’ve played enough of the game.

However, if you’ve beaten the game before, the Content Alerts menu provides a helpful guide to finding new opportunities and outcomes. For example, if you want to rescue a character who died on the first playthrough, you can choose Spoil me for those who die after opening the death of the main character Warning. This option lists each character that dies and whether their death is avoidable.

Still, the Content Warnings menu isn’t a perfect cheat sheet. You may get hints like “Befriending a certain character can initiate the X storyline,” but you’ll still need to use your judgment to navigate these issues and prepare yourself emotionally.

What content should I expect while playing this game?

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is a candid look at the human experience. Its themes mimic landmark coming-of-age moments or reflect political, environmental, and cultural issues relevant today. If you’re hesitant to play this game or want an idea of ​​what to expect, here are all the topics covered:

  • death of the main character
  • Children at risk/dying
  • animal cruelty and death
  • body horror [Written descriptions only. No visual gore.]
  • Implied Sexual Content [All scenes are consensual. No visual nudity or sexual acts.]
  • drugs and alcohol
  • violence in the text
  • Mental Health and Trauma
  • Domestic Violence
  • Traumatic global events

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