How to Use Twitter’s New Edit Button

  • Twitter just added an edit button that lets you edit your tweets up to five times in 30 minutes.
  • The editing feature is currently only available to Twitter Blue subscribers.
  • Not all tweets are editable, and users can see every version of your tweet.

It’s been 16 years, but the most requested feature in Twitter history is finally here: the edit button.

Starting today, Twitter is giving users the ability to edit their tweets after they’ve been sent. It will be available to all Twitter Blue members in the US, but there’s no word yet on whether it will one day be available to regular users as well.

Here’s how to start editing your tweets.

How to edit tweets on Twitter

At the moment, the only users who can edit their tweets are Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter Blue is Twitter’s paid service ($4.99 per month) that lets you read news articles without ads and unlocks experimental new features – like the edit button.

Also, you can only edit tweets in the Twitter mobile app, not on the website.

To sign up for Twitter Blue, visit the Twitter website or app. click More in the left sidebar or tap your profile picture at the top left and then select Twitter Blue. You can then sign in with a credit/debit card, Apple Pay, or Google.

The page in the Twitter mobile app where you can sign up for Twitter Blue.

You can login on this page.


Once you’re signed in, you can start editing.

Go to a tweet you sent within the last 30 minutes and tap on it the three points in the top right corner of the tweet. Then select Edit Tweet.

Screenshots from both the iPhone Twitter app (left) and Android Twitter app (right) showing the Edit Tweet button.

“Edit Tweet” is one of the options displayed.

Twitter; William Antonelli/Insider

A new screen will appear that looks like the page where you tweet. Use it to edit your tweet however you want – you can add text, delete text, or even attach a photo.

When you’re done, select To update.

There are limits to what tweets you can edit

Although users have been begging for an edit button for years, others have pointed out that allowing users to edit their tweets at any time would cause chaos. So Twitter has implemented some rules for editing your tweets.

First, You can only edit a tweet if it was originally sent within the last 30 minutes. Once those 30 minutes have passed, the tweet is set in stone.

Once you edit a tweet, A pencil icon will appear on the message letting everyone know it’s been edited and when you edited it. You can tap this icon to view any version of the tweet, including the original.

The edit history of a tweet in the iPhone Twitter app.

You’ll see each version of the tweet and how many likes each received.

Twitter; William Antonelli/Insider

You can only edit your tweet five times. Once you’ve locked your fifth edit, the Edit Tweet option will disappear.

Retweets, replies, or polls cannot be edited.

And last, You must edit your tweets using the same device that you used to send the original tweet. So if you sent the original tweet on your iPhone, you can’t edit it from your Android.

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