How to Vectorize and Colorize Your Procreate Drawings With Adobe Illustrator

Procreate is a great digital drawing tool. You can create realistic illustrations entirely digitally, but what if you need to vectorize or scale your work? Recreated drawings use pixels that make vectoring impossible and make scaling up or down unsightly.

By pairing Adobe Illustrator with Procreate, you can create a great drawing and turn it into a vector that you can also add color to. Here’s how.

Can you create vectors in Procreate?

The short answer is no, you cannot create vectors natively. This is because Procreate is a raster-based program that uses pixels instead of mathematical equations like vector graphics. If you are confused, we have written a detailed guide to explain the differences between raster and vector images. Luckily, you’re about to learn how to create vectors from your Procreate drawings.

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If you want to create vectors natively in similar software, check out this guide on Raster vs Pixel vs Live Brushes in Adobe Fresco. Adobe Fresco is a tablet-based app similar to Procreate, except it’s an Adobe product and not an independent company like Procreate.

How to convert Procreate drawings to vectors using Illustrator

If you haven’t already, make sure to download Procreate ($9.99) on your iPad. You will also need an Adobe Illustrator subscription. You can use the desktop app or the tablet app, and there’s a 7-day free trial for new users if you don’t want to pay yet.

Step 1: Draw on Procreate

Using your Apple Pencil, draw your drawing on Procreate. For this technique to work, your drawing should be black or solid color and drawn with a smooth brush like Monoline. Using a textured brush is difficult to convert to vector because the pixels themselves add texture and opacity to the brush that cannot be easily replicated in vector format.

Since you want your drawing to be one color, it’s a good idea to only draw the outline. Too much fine detail could be lost when converting to vectors. Once you’ve created the vector in Illustrator, you can add a color fill or multiple colors.

Step 2: Release the Procreate canvas

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